August Book Haul


It’s time for another book haul. Get excited!


  • Watchmen, by Alan Moore (writing), Dave Gibbons (illustration) and John Higgins (colorist)

IMG_0453 IMG_0455

I can’t believe I only got a copy of this one now! This is probably my favourite graphic novel ever. It was written by Alan Moore, the king of graphic novels and weird people. If you’re a comic nerd, his name is not strange. You may know him from also writing V From Vendetta , The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and Batman: The Killing Joke. The illustrations are by Dave Gibbons. Watchmen is his most notable work but you also worked with the Doctor Who comics.

Watchmen tells the story of a group of superheroes in the 80s. The presence of this group, mainly in American, affected (in a different way from the real events) the Vietnam War and the scandals of president Richard Nixon. But since those times, the superheroes are having a hard time, with a lot of them just simply retiring or dropping dead. In the background, the relationship between America and the Soviet Union is at its lowest, which doesn’t make anything more easy.

I’m not going to talk a whole lot about my feelings for this one because a review is due soon! I’ll just say that it has one of my favourite characters of all time, Dr. Manhattan. I love everything about the way he is. So cynical about humanity and their ways. I love this book to pieces. Everyone should read it because it’s not only a good introduction to graphic novels but it’s a purely amazing book.

  • Sonetos, by Florbela Espanca


Florbela Espanca is a portuguese poet. She suffered a lot during her short life, turning all those negative happenings in beautiful poetry. Her works are a bit erotic, feminine and pantheist.

This book is a compilation of some of her works. I never actually read anything from her so I’m very curious. I think that the poems in these books are on a variety of different topics so it’s a great way to be introduced to her work. I’ll probably read this one bit by bit. I don’t like to read poetry all in one sit. I enjoy reading one by one, appreciating the beauty in every word and what the author was trying to say with it. I’ll do that with this one.

  • Crime and Punishment, by Fyodor Dostoevsky

IMG_0462 IMG_0463

This was such a cover buy! I remember the first time I saw this book in a bookstore. I was completely mesmerised by the beautiful cover and back. The illustrations are fascinating. Props to Penguin Classics, they always have the most beautiful designs in their covers.

Crime and Punishment tells the story of Raskolnikov and the murder he commits. He deals with the guilt of crime and the everything that comes with it. It’s said to be very suspenseful and analytical. The book was written by one of the most recognised russian writers, Fyodor Dostoevsky. I’ve been wanting to start with russian literature for a while andnow that I own this one and Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy, it’s finally time! I’m very curious for Dostoevsky work, since he is one of the pioneers of existentialism. I’ll definitely try to read this one soon.


I wanted a copy of this one for such a long time! I had the opportunity to buy it from a cool Amazon shop for a great price, in second hand. I wasn’t expecting the conditions of the book to be like this but I don’t mind. I prefer books with some kind of marks from use. It makes me think that the book was so good that it was read a lot of times. That’s always a good thing. The edition ended up being different from what I thought and that’s awesome because this one is way prettier. I just love pretty and cheap books.

Kurt Vonnegut is an american author with work blending satire, gallows humor and science fiction, putting everything in one pot. He is always a bit compared with J. D. Salinger since they were both in World War II and their experience there made them write their most popular works. From Salinger’s work, I only read the Catcher In The Rye but it didn’t impress me a lot (even thought I’m planing on re-reading it so my opinion may change). So I wanted to read another work inspired by war events. During WWII, Vonnegut was one of the american prisoners who survived a bombing by hiding in an underground slaughterhouse meat locker used as an ad hoc detention facility. The germans called that building Schlachthof Fünf (Slaughterhouse Five), which inspired the name of this book.

This work talks about the experiences of time travelling made by a soldier, called Billy Pilgrim. I don’t want to know a whole lot about this book but I’m not going to do a full research on it. I’m extremely curious to read this one and understand what all the fuss is about but I want to read it without any type of influence. If I like this one I’ll probably buy Cat’s Cradle because I have my eye on a very beautiful edition.

So, that’s what it for this month! Don’t expect a September haul since I’m trying to save some money. I bought a concert ticket the other day and there’s going to be portuguese version of Comic-Con with Natalie Dormer being one of the presences confirmed!! (I’m a huge Game of Thrones nerd) I need to meet her. Because of all of that, money is short and unfortunately new books will have to wait. But my birthday is in October so there’s a lot of books coming in that month! I’ll probably end up doing a September + October haul, it all depends how thing will turn out to be like. But don’t worry, I have a lot of posts to come in the meanwhile.

I’ll see you next time!



2 thoughts on “August Book Haul

  1. I need to read V for Vendetta and Watchment.Maybe this year…
    And I read Crime and Punishment.Hmm,it was more or less great.It made more sense when I understood the reasons which led Dostoevsky to write it.
    And I also read Anna Karenina.Sublime!!
    One of the best experiences in my life was reading this book! Have you read it?

    (Sorry if I’m commenting too much on your blog.It just happens that your taste in books is pretty similar to mine!)

    Liked by 1 person

    • please, do comment! I haven’t read anna karenina yet. it’s so massive and I don’t have space to carry it with me right now, since I take my laptop to school and so on. I’m planning on reading it in the summer. I love watchmen so much, it’s one of my favourites. V for Vendetta has some weird drawings and it kinda throws me off, but I’m planning to read it very soon also!


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