Top 5 Bookshops I Would Love To Visit Someday

Hey guys!

This is my first non review post. I’m trying to make things a bit different and more fun so I hope you like it.

So, here are the bookshops that I would KILL to go to.

1. Strand Book Store – New York, USA

Strand_Book_Store strand-book-store-2-trabalibros

Photo credits to Wikipedia and Trabalibros.

2. Librería El Ateneo Grand Splendid – Buenos Aires, Argentina

libreria-ateneo-buenos-aires-argentina3282646399_0f16d509bcPhoto credits to Christian Jiménez and

3. Cafebreria El Pendulo – Mexico City, Mexico

cafebreria-el-pendulo-mexico-polanco-2-trabalibros Librerías-PénduloPhoto credits to Trabalibros and

4. The Last Bookstore – Los Angels, USA

The Last Bookstore

IMG_0759Photo credits to LA Times and

5. Shakespeare and Co – Paris, France


DSC01184Photo credits to and

Here’s a bonus one! It’s called Livraria Lello and it’s in my town, Oporto, Portugal.

tumblr_lmcahmxKZt1qf349rPhoto credits to Art Nouveau and Art Deco.

As a compulsive owner and buyer of books, there are a couple of bookshops that I would love to visit. They are on this list not only because they are in great cities and have amazing books but their architecture and organisation really fascinate me. Some of them I knew by name and always wanted to go, others I discovered in preparation for this post. There’s lots and lots more I could ad to this post but I’ll keep it short and maybe do another similar list soon.

There are so many books in these stores! I would be lost in most of them. And I would probably spend so many hours inside, looking at all bookshelves, searching for that couple of amazing books I really want to have. Most of these bookstores are in cities that I would love to visit. While researching I realised that there’s a lot of good bookshops in South America, a continent I never really thought much about. It’s nice to discover small little things about stuff you’re not particularly familiar with. I hope traveling is something that I really want to do on a regular basis. I can’t wait to have money, independence and comfort enough to make all my dreams come true.

This was a fun post to assemble so I hope you all appreciate this little different thing.

Thank you for reading!



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