September Book Haul

Hello guys!

In my last haul, I told you not to expect a September Haul since I am currently broke. But I’ve clearly have been a bad girl. The book fair happened and I had some money in my bookstore card. I just couldn’t resist. Here are the few books I bought this month.



This was unfortunately my only purchase in the Oporto Book Fair. There was so many good stuff! But unfortunately money really doesn’t fall from threes.

I loved the movie adaptation of Carrie so I really wanted to read this one. I have a copy of Misery but I still haven’t got around to it. I read The Shinning a couple of years ago and I enjoyed it quite a bit. Since King is such an influential writer of this new generation and has such a mark in pop culture, I felt like I needed to continue reading his works.

The story revolves around Carrie White, a girl with telekinesis powers that uses them to get revenge on her bullying classmates. The book is epistolary, with the story being told with the use of newspaper headlines, excerpts from fictional books about Carrie, magazine articles and letters. It’s a very peculiar way to tell a story so I’m looking forward to see if it works or not.

  • Little Women & Good Wives, by Louisa May Alcott

IMG_0705 IMG_0704

I was so happy when this got in the mail! When I ordered it, a different cover was displayed. For my surprise, a different one arrived. This is not always a good thing but in this case it was definitely a plus. I own a lot of books from Wordsworth Classics. They are not only cheap but have beautiful covers and are usually really well edited. In most books, they use black as the main colour of the covers but I guess, that since this is a children’s book, they decided to use this other colour instead. I purchased this one since it had the two volumes! It was a good buy, no doubt.

Little Women talks about the four March sisters: Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy. The story focus one their adventures at home, friendships and then love affairs. Good Wives happens three years later from the first book, while the girls struggle to become women and wives while still being happy individuals.

If you know me or have been around my blog for a while, it’s quite obvious why I wanted to read this one. A review will happen sometime soon.


This last one hasn’t been translated to english yet. Actually don’t know if it was translated to any language. It’s from a young portuguese writer that caught everyone’s attention after winning a couple of important portuguese literature awards, with this and other books. I’m always fond of discovering great new national writers. Both my best friend and my boyfriend really like this one. And the other day my grandma offered me a copy so, not much could be better! I’m going to read this soon since everyone really wants to know my opinion.

According to the synopsis, it tells the story of a writer that meets another italian writer while in Budapest, for a conference. The italian convinces the writer to go to Italy, where they meet a movie producer that lives in the middle of a forest. They all spend the summer there, which the protagonist ends up calling the good winter (a literal translation of the title of the book).

So, this was it for September! It was a small haul but I’m really looking forward to these books.

Thank you for keeping tuning in. I really appreciate everyone that takes the time even just to click on my pages. See you next time,



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