The Importance Of Libraries In My Life

Hello earthlings and others!

Here’s another kind of different post, about something that’s really close to my heart: public libraries. Please join me while I go down memory lane.

When I was a kid, I was terribly shy. I went to school in a different town from the one I live in so I had no friends here. I basically spent all my time alone, since I don’t have siblings either. Right across the street, there was a little public library that once in a while had some activities. My mom wanted me to spend some time with other kids, maybe even make some friends around this town so that living here would be more pleasant. She introduced me to the librarian and she immediately took me as her new challenge. Of course, all I really wanted was to play with the computers. But the librarian made me talk to her before going to the pc’s. I eventually started to open up to her and she kinda became my friend (and also my mom’s). Over the years I participated in some activities and workshops but I always failed at the friends thing. I was too shy and I probably didn’t care about those people, I had nothing in common with them. The librarian gave up on that quest too.

But I did get more friends, they just weren’t people. I liked reading but I only did it once in a while. Because I spent so much time at the library, I wanted to read some of those books. I spent some time browsing the shelves, becoming very impressed with a few covers (just like it still happens!). I took some from the shelves myself, some the librarian helped me choose. I found a lot of books that are still with me to this day, like the Inheritance Cycle. I think it’s been five years since the library closed its affiliation here in my town. Others still exist in the near towns but I can’t go there so often since they’re at a thirty minute walk, at the minimum.

With my years at studying in a big city like Oporto, I found the wonders of big public libraries! The one here was pretty small and it didn’t have that much of an archive. If I wanted a specific book, I had to ask for it to be brought from the headquarters. Now, I can go to a gigantic library with tons of books, both in portuguese and in english, in all subjects, themes and genres I would want. It’s wonderful!

I, of course, have more money that I had when I was a kid. But it’s still not enough to fulfil my hunger for reading! I still go to the library a lot. It’s not always because I can’t afford a book. Sometimes there’s no way to get a copy at the local bookshops or I’m not sure if I’m going to love that book.

Public libraries were not only important to me when I was a kid, but still are. They made me fall in love with books even more. They helped me grow inside and absorve knowledge. There’s some books I remember vaguely but I can’t remember their titles or their authors. I wish I kept a reading journal back then. I wish there was a way to go back and tell myself to appreciate all those days spent in the library even more. I have to thank those times for a part of myself.

What I want to tell you with this post is: support local libraries! Don’t let them die because only a few people go there, like it happened with my own. Incentive your friends and family to read. It doesn’t cost anything and, plus, you can still educate and enjoy yourself! It’s perfect.

I really love libraries, there’s such a special space in my heart for them. I’m a bit nostalgic, as you might have guessed by now. My birthday its next week and I always get like this. I hate birthdays.

I hope you enjoyed this little personal post. Thank you for reading!



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