Liebster Awards

Hey guys!

Today I’m going to do a thread post! I was tagged on the Liebster Awars. Some blogs with less than 200 followers are tagged and have to answer some questions. It’s a fun little way to bring more people to less known blogs. I was tagged by Notas de Rodapé. Thank you so much for picking me guys! It made me very happy. Here is my addition to the Liebster Awards!


1) How do you define yourself?

I define myself mainly as a very quiet person. I would like to think of myself as funny and a bit smart, too. I’m not a very good judge of myself so this is not the best question for me.

2) What do you appreciate more in a blog?

Of course that I tend to fall into more book blogs since it’s what I’m most fond of. I mostly like blogs with good design and good writing. Images are very important to me so if your blog has ugly graphics or banners I probably won’t be very interested in it. I also love bloggers that take time to make their own content, especially photographies. It transmits a bigger sense of commitment.

3) What do you thing it’s the strong point of your blog?

I honestly don’t know. I’m not a natural good writer or photographer. But I try very very hard to keep everything interesting. I like to bring different threads and topics to the table, making my blog not only about books but about a lot more than that. I thing that’s what I try harder to do.

 4) What themes are you most interested in writing?

Books, of course. It’s the only thing I feel comfortable writing about. Everything else fells like a big ol’ mess to me.

5) What inspires you?

Art inspires me. Definitely most of all. There’s always so much creativity around the world. I could spend hours reading books, looking at art pieces. Every single one could inspire me to draw or to write. Art makes me fell things I can’t without it. I love every single form of art, with all my heart.

6) Do you have any blogs you look up to?

I could make a quick list of blogs I see regularly but there’s only one person I REALLY look up to. It’s a youtuber whose name is Sanne Vliegenthart, whose channel is called booksandquills. She’s just amazing and everything she does on her channel is spot on. I’ve learned about so many new and old books from her. She talks about them with so much passion, you just can’t feel contaminated by it. Also, she’s gorgeous and her lipstick game is always on. You should all see her videos and maybe even subscribe to her channel!

7) What is your favourite book?

Death By Interruption, by José Saramago. A review is due very soon. You can also find other reviews of my favourite books in here.

8) How would you like your blog to be in two years?

I hope that my blog grows. I have no other intention for the blog other for it to grow. I want everyone to know how books can bring you an amazing experience. Your mind can totally change with the pages of a good book. That means so much to me, all I can hope to do is to bring a little bit of that to other people.

9) What’s the first impression of the blog that nominated you?

It’s not my kind of blog but I totally enjoyed the quick reading I did. It’s fun to dive out of my comfort zone, in every situation. It seemed like a very diverse blog, which is amazing. It has something for everybody! You should give them a look!

After answering this questions, I was supposed to make my own and tag some other blogs. As you might have noticed, I’m really really new to all of this so I don’t know many blogs. I though a lot about this matter and I decided not to just choose random blogs from some blog groups on Facebook. The only blogs I follow have tons of followers and I don’t want to nominate someone as an obligation. I would love to recommend blogs I truly like but I can’t think of any at the moment. But, if you want to do this thread in your blog and tag me, please fell free to do so. AND if you want to answer some these questions, do it in the comments below. All recommendations of cool new blogs are also appreciated. I hope you don’t think badly of me for not following all the rules.

This was so much fun! This was my first thread and I hope to be a part of so much more. I’m always found to become a little more familiar with this huge huge community. I hope you guys liked this post.

Thank you for reading and supporting me.



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