Halloween Special: Spooky Books

Hello guys!

In the spirit of one of the best “holidays” ever, I’m going to do a couple of Halloween related posts. Here’s the first one!

On the most scary night of the year, you need to be frightened. And what best to get you in the mood than some horror books? Full of blood and monsters, horror, suspense and macabre things happening? I made a quick list of some books I think (or are best known) to be scary.

  • Frankenstein, by Mary Shelley

This is one of my favourite books! In fact, another post just about this book will happen. It’s definitely one of the most classical monsters, in both literature and cinema. It doesn’t get better than this one. Besides, it’s a great book written by a female, in times where women weren’t able to express themselves.

  • Misery and Carrie, by Stephen King

IMG_1168 IMG_1160

I haven’t read this two yet. But they are from the modern king of horror. Two books about women tired of everyone’s shit, who decide to do something about it. Both seem so good, I hope to get around to them soon enough.

  • The Phantom Of The Opera, by Gaston Leroux

IMG_1158This is the most different book from this list. Even though it’s not technically a  horror book, it’s definitely a creepy one. I wasn’t very found of it when I read it, I think a re-read must happen. But it’s a classic, with one of the most popular musical monsters of all history.

  • Dracula, by Bram Stoker

IMG_1178Here’s another horror classic. Yes, I’m really an addict. It’s also another of the most classical monsters in all pop-culture. This one is the longest of the list so, unless you’re a very avid reader, I don’t think it will be possible to finish before Halloween. But hey, it’s a pretty darn book to get you through the night of terrors.

If you’re not the book type of person, all these books have movie adaptations! It was a funny coincidence. There’s also several remakes for each of the books so there’s really no excuse. If I missed any other book spooky book, please let me know in the comments! Also tell me what you think of these titles.

Expect more scary stuff coming to the blog! Fun readings to you all!



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