Halloween Special: Edgar Allan Poe

Hello guys!

It’s almost Halloween!! I love everything that’s related to with, I just wish we celebrated in a more interesting way here in Portugal. This is another one of my special posts. You can find the first one here.

Today’s post is about the king of horror literature, Edgar Allan Poe. Here are some of his best (and most scary) stories, and a poem.

IMG_1148IMG_1155This book I own is gigantic! It has almost one thousand pages. It’s a large collection of tales and some poems from the great author that was Edgar Allan Poe. For those who are not familiar with him, he was an american who lived in the 19th century. His work is best known for its horror and psychological suspense. The stories and poems include a lot of macabre and mystery stuff. Also, he is generally acclaimed as the father of detective fiction. Poe’s life wasn’t very easy: his wife, who was also his cousin and thirteen when they got married (yes, the 19th century was a weird world), died really young and he had a severe drinking problem. Mainly, these two events inspired his writing, who he tried to live from. This of course was impossible at the time, which didn’t help in his already miserable life. All his stories and poems were very popular when they were published but that didn’t helped his life. Later, his death was to be a very sad one.

Besides everything in his lifetime, Poe made something so beautiful of his writing. If you like being in the edge of your chair while watching a movie, you just HAVE to read his work. I love terror books as you might have noticed and reading his work so far has almost been life changing. I still haven’t read all the stories and poems from this book I have, I’m going through it bits by bits.

But if you don’t have time to read a book before Halloween comes, his short stories are what you need. They have you in just the right mood. And maybe you’ll even get some costume ideas!

Anyway, here are my favourite short stories (and a poem) from Edgar Allan Poe.

IMG_1142IMG_1156 IMG_1145IMG_1140  I hope you liked this lil’ post! More are still to come, be aware!

Thank you for reading guys,



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