October Book Haul

Hello sweeties!

October was a pretty darn good month for books. Since it was my birthday on the 16th, I got some as presents. I’m an easy girl to please, just give me a book and I’ll be happy.

Here are the ones I got for myself and the other I got as presents.


  • Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, The Merry Men & Other Story, by R. L. Stevenson

IMG_1429 IMG_1432Find any edition at Book Depository

I wanted this one for such a long time! I had some store credit left from my other purchases at one of the bookstores I usually go to so I took a change and bough this to myself. Here is another horror/thriller classic book and of course that I loved it. I read it a long time ago and I can’t wait to re-read it. It’s very short so I’ll give it a go anytime soon. I choose this copy from Wordsworth Classics (again) because I trust them to have a good edition, with no grammatical errors.

Many of you may know this story but for those who don’t, it talks about a man who has personality disorder. One is good and another is very bad. As any other classic, this story is timeless. The term “Jekyll and Hyde” is known a comum phrase used to mean a person with multiple personalities. If a book can impact the world in such a way, you can’t just ignore it. I strongly recommend this story since it’s one of my favourites ever.

  • Vampire Stories (I wrote a review for one of the stories, “Carmilla”. You can find it here)


This book is a compilation of some vampire stories. I bought especially because it had Carmilla, which I talked in my latest review. That was pretty much why I bought this, it was super cheap and it had a great tale. I have to get around to read the other stories in it but the authors are not mention which kinda sucks. But it’s a cool book, it has big letters! That doesn’t happen often with cheap books.

  • Juliet, Naked (pt. Juliet Nua), by Nick Hornby

IMG_1422 IMG_1416Find any edition at Book Depository

My mom gave me this for my birthday! I recently entered a contest to win a copy of this one but I didn’t have much luck. Everything turned out fine either way. This was a bit cheaper than expected. It had a big discount because the cover is a bit messed up, as you can see. It doesn’t bother me that much because the only thing that truly matters are the words on the inside.

I don’t know much about this book, as usual. All I know is that music is a big part of it. And loneliness is the feeling that drives the story. Since I still struggle a lot with that let’s see what this books does: or it gives a solution or simply talks about living with it.

IMG_1436 IMG_1438

Find any edition at Book Depository

Clearly by boyfriend has been reading my blog because I was planning on buying this one pretty soon, as I said in this post. My sweet lord, this cover is so pretty. I’m always amazed by the amount of detail in it, the colour scheme and all the textures. As I said in the other post, this book tells the story of two men trying to make a-living in a poor America.

I had the chance to read it already. I needed a short book and this seemed fitting. A review will arrive pretty soon. I’ll just say that I absolutely adored this book.

  • The Virgin Suicides, by Jeffrey Eugenides

IMG_1423 IMG_1427Find any edition at Book Depository

This was another gift from my parents and I can’t even contain my happiness for finally owning a copy of it! It’s actually one of my favourites ever. When I read it, it touched me in a way no other book ever did. I have to say that it probably is more oriented for girls even though it was written by a men. Urgh, I want to talk so much about this book but I don’t want to because I plan on writing a review as soon as I finish re-reading it, which is what I’m doing now.

Anyway, this book talks about the Lisbon girls, five sisters, and their tragedy: they all commit suicide in the space of one year. The story is told by a group of boys that almost idolised them, who are still, after years and years, trying to figure out why the Lisbon girls decided to take their lives. It’s just one of terrific book that every one should read.

And with this the haul is closed! I still haven’t gotten the money to buy an official birthday present to myself since I still have to save some till the end of November. I always enjoy sharing my purchases with you guys! Most times I just wish the list was a bit longer. If you’ve read any of this, please let me know in the comments.

Thank you so much for reading!



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