Favourite Quotes #2


It’s time for another post about quotes that are in my favourites list.


The seeds of death get lost in the mess that God made us.

Today’s quote is from The Virgin Suicides, the 1993 book from Jeffrey Eugenides. It was very difficult to me to choose one quote from this book. As it is one of my favourites of all time, most of the sentences mean a lot to me. But I definately wanted to share a bit from this masterpiece.

Death is recurrently talked in the book, being suicide the main form of departing approached. This particular quote talks about suicidal tendencies, which are only natural. “God” puts sadness inside us, right next to the other feelings like happiness and excitement. You can never know when it’s going to strike, or how deep it would be. Maybe you’ll never even experience, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not there, hidden deep inside you.

I love the simplicity of the sentence and the words in it. I like simple things and even more when it is simple but very meaningful at the same time.

I love this book so much and I just can’t wait to get the time and fully write about it. You just wait. I’m going to have such a blast writing that review!

Thank you for reading this quick post! Hope to see you guys soon! Have a great weekend.


2 thoughts on “Favourite Quotes #2

  1. Although I understand the author’s premise… I don’t agree with placing the craziness of the world on God. Isn’t it funny how one quote can grab a person, and have the exact opposite effect on another? That’s what I love about languages…. the versatility and differences.

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    • I don’t think he is referring to God as the entity. This book doesn’t has a very strong religious view, even thought it totally could, regarding the main subject of it. He blames the nature of all, with all the feeling included. Yes! That’s also what I love from book in general, everyone is touched by them in such different ways.


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