Book Review #10 – A Christmas Carol, by Charles Dickens

Hello guys!

Life has not been treating me very good lately so I haven’t been feeling motivated (and I also have no time) to write. That makes me very sad but I’m trying to be better at life in general. Please forgive me.

I had some free time and decided to do review in the spirit of the holidays. Let’s talk about A Christmas Carol, by Charles Dickens.

EDIT: I totally forgot to mention this book was also in my The Classics Club list! Here’s the link to that. I’m doing pretty good on my classic readings.

Find any edition at Book DepositoryIMG_0281

IMG_0282I read this one a while ago but I decided to store the review and post in during Christmas since it’s fitting. This is a very popular book, and an incredible classic. As I talked about in the haul of the month I got this one, my (only) encounter with Dickens work was a very pleasant one so of curse I was really excited to read this book.

A Christmas Carol tells the story of a very greedy and unpleasant man called Scrooge. One Christmas Eve, after he spends all day being his very own self, he is visited by the ghost of his old business partner. He tells Scrooge that later, in the night, three other ghost will visit him. They are the Ghost of Christmas Past, the Ghost of Christmas Present and the Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come. They all take Scrooge on a trip through time and show him how people see/saw/will see him in hope that he’ll change his ways.

The message of the book is clear: be kind. Not only during Christmas or other holidays but you should always try to be your best. Some people need more help than other but everything should be done to make their lives a little easier. You should help and be nice just because, no other reason is needed. This is something I really try to do. I have such a will to help even though I’m not always sure of what ways to do it (because it usually includes lots of money and time). Still, I try as much as I can to help everyone in my reach. Of curse that this story made me reflect a lot about that part of my life goals.

I enjoyed this one quite much. I love the way that Dickens writes. So funny and yet so touching. In this one, he constantly talks to the reader, not only about what’s happening and what the characters are feeling but also does quick observations of the surroundings and other details. I can already see how much of a genius Dickens really was and I’ve only read two of his books! I feel like I have such a vast world to discover and I’ve just started.

It’s a wonderful short story and all people, especially the little ones, should read it. Humanity and kindness is what makes us different, we should preserve that. Anyway, it’s a short story, just like my time, so I don’t have much to had. Do you like A Christmas Carol? Do you hate it? Let’s talk about it!

I hope to see you guys soon.



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