Reading Challenges of 2015

Hey guys!

I like challenges, but the problem is: I’m only excited about them in the beginning. I end up completely forgetting them… So, for this year, I’m sticking with simple reading challenges.

My main one is on Goodreads. My goal for this year is the same of last year: 50 books. I’m positive that’s a good number for me to achieve. I don’t like reading two books at the same time, not if at least one of them is a comic or a graphic novel (and sometimes aย very short one fiction). I also don’t like reading that quickly. So, I realised that 50 is just about what I can do in a year. Wish me good luck! Here’s my Goodreads account. Feel free to follow me and see how I’m doing with this challenge.

The second challenge is one that Anna from Herding Cat’s & Burning Soup invited me on Goodreads. It’s called New To You and basically it’s a super free challenge that includes reading anything that’s new to you. It can be a new author, series, genre… you name it! I’m aiming low, at level 2, which consists of 12 new books. I’m constantly reading new authors and such but I think it’s better to keep things in hand.

I hope I can complete these two! I’m going to spend all year seeing cool challenges on Tumblr or on Instagramย (you can follow me on those websites as well) but I have to control myself and actually start things I can finish.

I wish you guys had a great start of the year! Hope to see you more around here.



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