Book Depository Affiliate – First Really Big News For Cat’s Shelf

Hey guys!

Today I got a wonderful news! I got approved as a Book Depository Affiliate.

As some of you may know, Book Depository is a online bookstore that has many many different books available. They not only have an enormous variety of titles, but they also have free shipping to a lot of countries! Who doesn’t love that? If by change you want a book that’s not available, they notify you as soon as it is or recommend you another store. Most orders come with a free beautiful bookmark. They have several different ones, and they were all designed by members! It’s such a lovely detail. Besides books, there’s always giveaways and competitions happening! It’s a wonderful site.

I first came across the website through another affiliate, a person I admire a lot that I’ve already mentioned here, Booksandquills. Since then, my life has changed. Most of my books come from this website, since they always have the most gorgeous of covers! Free shipping is also a plus since shipping costs to Portugal are actually kinda ridiculous.

Being an affiliate means that not only I highly recommend the website but also, through the orders made by a link provided by me, I’ll get a small cut of the total, without costing anything extra to my followers or visitors! But I’m not interested in the money! All I wanted was an official and better way to help my followers and visitors get wonderful, pretty and cheap books. Everyone wins!

So, from now on I’ll had a little link to all the books I’m going to review and show you guys! That way, if you’re interested in acquiring the book, you’ll just have to click on the link! I’ll add links in my other posts whenever I’m finally free for the semester

Oh guys, I can’t even express how happy I am. This feels like a big step to my blog. I can’t wait for it to grow more and more. Here’s my link! I already added some banner in my sidebar. Speaking of which, have you seen the changes? I thought it made more sense to have a welcome note right there, instead of in the end. Also, I aded my Goodreads challenge so you can keep up with me.

Thank you for being a part of this journey!



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