Book Review #13 – Little Birds, by Anaïs Nin

Hey guys. Today’s book is a very different one. Well, it’s probably my first “real” erotic book. I’m going to talk about Little Birds (pt. Passarinhos), by french author Anaïs Nin.


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I’ve come across Anaïs Nin when one of my History of Arts teacher talked about her. She mentioned her diaries, and her strange obsession with being raped. According to my teacher, Nin wanted to know how it feels to be raped so her husband hired a few men to do that to her. I have not found proof of that anywhere online so I’m not sure if this story is true or not. All we can take from this crazy thing is that Nin was an irreverent woman. And she definitely was very ahead of her time. She was born in France, in 1903. She is one of the pioneers of the womanly voyage of self-discovery. All her books are full of erotica and sexual passages, but her most known works are her diaries.

I’ve read in the past House Of Incest. The title is misleading since it’s not a book directly about incest. It was a very strange read, since I didn’t quite understand what was being talked about most of the time. Even so the worlds came across to me so beautifully, I absolutely loved it.

I’m not the only bookworm of the family: I’m pretty sure I got this trait from my godfather, who has a huge personal library. When I went to his house for his birthday, I asked if he could lend me one. The only author I recognised was Anaïs Nin. When I showed him what I had picked, he said “you chose the most dangerous of them all”. I knew I was in for a ride.

This book is a compilation of several erotic and highly sexual stories. But in most of them, there’s something very twisted. Sometimes there’s a lot of kinky stuff and in others, there’s full-on messed stuff. For example, the very first story is about a painter that buys exotic birds to attract little girls to his apartment. That’s the story that inspires the tittle of the book. Of course that some details of the stories may leave you a bit excited (you’re only human right?) but I don’t recommend it if you want to get “in the mood”. The end game of the book is much more than that. I think it’s about the perversions and kinkiness of humans and how we let them almost rule our lives. I love how the protagonists are mostly female, and how the stories are focused on the women. I liked several of the stories even though most made me a bit uncomfortable. I also had a hard time reading it all at once.

The stories are different from one another but in the end, they are almost the same. At a point, I got a bit bored and had to take a break. With that said, I’m not meaning to say it’s a boring book because it is not. But I’m certain that the better way to appreciate it is bit by bit, a story at a time.

I’m so not used to read erotic books in public transportations! I was constantly worried some old man would glance at my book and call me a pervert!

But, the lesson I took from this is: erotic fiction/nonfiction is not for me? I won’t say I’m some kind of prude but these kinds of books don’t appeal that much to me. Not a bad book but definitely not my type.

If you are an erotic fiction fan, I highly recommend this one since I believe it is very different from the same genre books out now.

Even though I started reading it last year, I’m going to include it in my New To You Challenge! So uuh, one down and a lot more to go!

Thank you for accompanying me in my first journey through erotic books! See you next time hopefully.



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