ARC | Book Review #14 – The Student Resistance Handbook, by Cevin Soling

Hey guys!

Early this week, I requested some books for review on NetGalley. This was my first time really looking for titles I was interested in, in the website. Here’s the a review for the first title I finished. It was The Student Resistance Handbook, by Cevin Soling.

cover_EPUB-copyI haven’t read a non fiction book in the longest of times! Even though it’s a genre that still has a lot to grow on me, I’m quite interested in it. Only a few titles make my eyes sparkle but I’m slowing reading more and more. It’s kind of a new year resolution!

In particular, this title, published by Smith Publicity, caught my attention because of its cute cover. After reading the small synopsis available, I wanted to read it even more. The ideia of reading on the computer or on my tablet didn’t appeal much to me at first but I was willing to at least try it once. Reading a comic from a screen it’s a totally different experience from reading a mostly word book. But hey, I’m all about new stuff.

This book’s main intention is to provide information and means to students to do something about how badly they are treated at school. It’s filled with non violent and legal ways to expose what the author so often refers to as “a fascist regime”.

I quite enjoyed this book. I haven’t done much to try to turn the school system into a better one, even though it definitely needs a few changes. But I find it very admirable when kids decide to take means to their own hands. This book talks particularly about the american school system, something I’m not very familiar with. The conclusions I took were that things experienced by american kids are very different from the ones I did. It all seems to rigid and strict. Maybe that has to do with the fact that I went to an arts high school but I can count with only one hand the times I felt very oppressed. I guess I was lucky too.

The book has tons and tons of information and it seems to be very grounded. I guess that any kid in need will find a solution or be inspired by something that he reads in this book. But, with that said, there’s a lot of things suggested that I don’t agree with. Some seemed to come very close to psychological violence. Of course some teacher are purposely mean but I want to believe that others really have the best of intentions and don’t even realise what their doing. That might be me having a lot of faith in humanity but I don’t think that finding something that makes someone insecure and use that to break them is really a good solution too. I would recommend a lot of suggestions from this book but that’s definitely not one.

The thing that made me sad was that I wasn’t able to see most of the illustrations of the book. I’m sure it was some kind of error from my tablet and the file reading. I saw some online and they looked awesome. I’m sure they make the reading experience even more pleasant.

In summary, this is a very informative and helpful book if you’re trying to change your own little world. I’m not sure if there’s a lot of books out there like this one but I’m sure this is a good one for starters. But, as the author so often emphasises, be careful and take all precautions needed. In this case, more is more. Be responsible and don’t get into trouble.

I hope you enjoyed this lil’ review. I’ll talk about some other NetGalley titles very soon. Hope to see there.



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