January Book Haul

Hello guys!

I’m planning on getting a tattoo in February so I’ve trying to save as much money as possible. So, this month, I actually bought zero books. But thank god for giveaways right? I won one last December and the books came just in time to add them to my January post. Here it is!IMG_1986

During December, E. Lockhart had a UK book tour hosted by her publisher, Hot Key Books. During that time, and with the help of Audible.co.uk, there was a little giveaway for a signed copy of We Were Liars. All you had to do was tweet a little bookish would-you-rather with some hashtags. In case your question got selected to be answered by the author in a live Hangout, you would win a signed copy! And mine was, YAY! In case you’re wondering, I asked: Would you rather never be able to read again or never be able to write? It was a very difficult question to be honest but both me and the author ended up picking the same: never write again. Never being able to read again was just too much of a pain, don’t you think so? But anyway, tell me in the comments what you would pick!

I realised that the giveaway was only for UK and Ireland residents only after I submitted the question. But, the people at Audible.co.uk were very kind and let me redeem by prize anyway. I give the address to a friend’s house, who’s currently in the UK. I waited a month and the package never arrived. I contacted Hot Key Books and they were very kind and helped me get a prize anyway. Since E. Lockhart only signed a specific number of copies of the book, they couldn’t give me another one. To compensate that, I got a copy of We Were Liars and The Disreputable History Of Frankie Landau-Banks! Plus, a signed poster of We Were Liars! Of course that the prize wasn’t the same but I was even happier with this one. I would like to thank once again to Hot Key Books! You should check their titles, they’re all awesome and have the prettiest of covers!

IMG_1993Find any edition at Book Depository

You probably heard about this book! During 2014, it was one of the most popular books, even ended up being featured in several lists of the best books of the year. I’m a bit late to the game but not that much! This books tells the story of a group of friends: Candace, Mirren, John and Gat. Except Gat, they all belong to a very rich family, who owns a private island where they all spend their summers. On one of those vacations, Candace has an accident and afterwards, she can’t remember it very well. Two years later, she comes back to the island and sets her mind to find out exactly what went down.

I just finish this some days ago and OMG! I now know exactly what all the fuss was about. My next post will be my review for it, I just NEED to talk about this book.

  • The Disreputable History Of Frankie Landau-Banks, by E. Lockhart

IMG_1992Find any edition at Book Depository

What the experience of reading We Were Liars thought me was: don’t search a lot of E. Lockhart’s books before you read them. So, with that in mind, I didn’t want to read a lot about this title. All I know is that it was the first big book for the author and that it is very different from We Were Liars. In terms of story, I think this book follows the teenage years of a girl, Frankie. I encourage you to go read the synopsis if you want to, maybe it will make you more curious. For me, after reading the incredible thing that We Were Liars was, I just can’t wait to dive more into the work of E. Lockhart.


About the We Were Liars poster, there’s not a lot to add. The sentence “Be a little kinder than what you have to” it’s a motto by Mirren and it’s one of the most important messages of the whole book. It’s not my first autographed thing by an author since I have another poster signed by George R. R. Martin. Still, it’s something that I’ll hold very dear. It’s right in front of my bed, since it’s such a good phrase to live by.

It was very hard not to buy any books this month. Books are, for me, just like comfort food: I have to have it when I’m sad. And lately, I’ve been very very down, which scares me a lot. All I wanted to do was buy a book and have those few moments of happiness. I did good in resisting. Let’s see how February goes, either I get the tattoo or some books. Let’s patiently await for it!

Anyway, thank you for reading and stand by for some awesome reviews that I have in the oven!



10 thoughts on “January Book Haul

  1. I’ve never read anything by E. Lockhart, but I’m very curious about this book. 🙂 I also am resisting from buying books, so I hope we are both successful in our goals! 🙂 What type of tattoo are you thinking of getting in Feb?


  2. Wow, congrats on winning! Not buying books is really hard. I always try and fail horribly. But I’ve learned to buy only a few books I really want to read instead of a lot of books that may rest on my shelves forever. Good luck with your tatoo! Maybe you can share it with us when you get it 🙂


    • I’m trying that myself but my problem is that I tell myself that I REALLY want that book but then it stays unread forever… thank you! I have a bookish tattoo and I was planning to do a post about it in the future, maybe when the new one comes I’ll do a post about all my tattoos 😀

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  3. I think I saw We Were Liars around BookDepository last year. Now I’m kind of curious about it. Definitely going on my book list xx (also weird-things-happening and a group of friends is my favourite mix for a good book right now)


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