Favourite Quotes #3

Hey guys!

I’ve been doing a lot of review lately and maybe it’s time to change things up a bit again and come back with some old tags and series of posts I used to do when I wasn’t reading that much.

So, today’s post is about one of my favourite quotes of all time!


I hope she’ll be a fool — that’s the best thing a girl can be in this world, a beautiful little fool.

Some of you who may have followed me for a while are probably like “What the hell Cat, you like THIS quote?!”. Well, yes… As a self proclaimed feminist, this might not make a lot of sense but let me explain.

If in our days is hard to be a girl, just imagine what it was like in the 20’s. There’s days where I wish I was a fool. I think any girl with a goal in her life has felt the same. It seems like the world doesn’t even wants us to succeed. It’s so much easier to be a fool and not care about anything. There even seems to exist this misconception that all girls are failures, regardless of what class they belong to or what they want to do with their time on Earth.

Even though it’s a bit contradictory, I use this quote as a reminder not to be a fool. It would be a lot easier if I took that path but that’s not who I want to be. The world thinks it can make me whatever it wants but hell nope. I’m going to fight and be whoever I will. And that’s only going to depend on me.

I hope this all makes sense. I still trying to figure out how to do this writing stuff, but sometimes it’s not as natural as I would like it to be. I would love it if you would share some thoughts on how I write in the comments! While you’re at it, you should tell one about one of your favourite quotes, I’m all ears!

Thank you for reading guys!



8 thoughts on “Favourite Quotes #3

  1. Loved this post! I totally agree with you. We girls got to keep fighting and don’t let the world transforms us into something we don’t want to be. And about your writing… don’t worry about it. You are doing great!


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