ARC | Book Review #18 – Repeat by Neal Pollack

Hey guys!

Today’s review is about one of those books I got on Netgalley. They were given to me in exchange for a honest review. That’s what you’ll find here, a review for Repeat, by Neal Pollack. I hope you enjoy it!

23467456Even though I’m having a though relationship with Netgalley (which might be ending soon), I’m glad I requested some titles there. Sometimes, the synopsis can be more exciting than the book itself but I made some great choices.

Neal Pollack is not a new writer, he has already quite a few titles out there, but I wasn’t at all familiar with his work. Recently, I’ve trying to read books by authors that are new to me, in order to exit my comfort zone a little bit. That’s why I didn’t hesitate in requesting this title. The synopsis was just too good. It had something of Slaughterhouse Five -like that really stood up.

Brad Cohen, a failed screenwriter, is having a thought time and probably a middle life crisis. After breaking down in the night before his fortieth birthday, his wife Juliet, who is a witch, gives him a potion that will make him sleep better. When he wakes up, he’s just about to leave his mother’s womb. Turns out, Brad is stuck in a time loop. He has to relive his life all over again, always conscious of that fact.

Until roughly about half of this book, I was truly enjoying it. It was funny, ironic and full of pop-culture references. (Even though there were some I did not understand at all. Too american.) But overall, it was going pretty well. It was almost like a trip down memory lane, from a life I never lived. My favourite moment was when Brad and his family go to the opening night of Empire Strikes Back. His parents are just blown away with the fact that Darth Vader is Luke’s father! Just imagine how that must have felt like! As a big Star Wars geek, I wish I didn’t knew most of the things that happen in the movies before seeing them. That moment made me smile.

After the greatness of the first half of the book, everything just goes downhill. The chapters, only narrated by Brad so far, are all of a sudden from the point of view of other characters. There’s even a random police report. It just feels weird since there’s no kind of warning. You’re used to a certain type of style and then, boom! Everything changes. It broke my line of thought and it felt plain weird.

Also, it gets to a point where you just want the book to be over. It all gets boring and old. Ok, I get it. Brad has to live through his life over and over again. Just move on with the story already, please. I felt like the book was too long for the story it decided to show. A few less chapters and it would be pretty good. The ending left me a bit sad too. It was a bit predictable.

I wanted to like this book, I really did. I’m a sucker for time loops. But a book that could have been great turned out to be just another ok read. Which is a shame. Anyway, I’m really thankful for the opportunity to read this book in advance, it was an honour! If you want to read this title, it’ll be out in March 24! It’s available at Amazon.

Thank you for reading guys! It’s always a pleasure to write for you!



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