Graphic Novel/Manga Review #3 – Saga, Volume One by Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples

Hello guys!

I’ve been reading lots of comics lately so you’ll be seeing a lot of that in the next few months! Today’s post is about the first volume of Saga, by Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples!


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Brian K. Vaughan was one of the biggest names in the line up of the first ever Comic Con Portugal, held during December of last year, 2014. Of course I’ve heard of him before since he’s one of the most famous people in the graphic novel industry right now. He was planned to do a couple of autographs sessions so I thought “Great time to start reading Saga!”. Unfortunately, on the day I went to Comic Con, his session corresponded with the one with Natalie Dormer. I had to make my choice and my love for Natalie spoke louder. Even though I’m pretty sure I lost an opportunity of a life time. You just can’t get everything from life right?

I’ve only read the first volume yet, consisting of issues one through six, including. This copy is from my lovely boyfriend who has pretty much all volumes so far but has not read a single one. Secretly praying he ends up not liking them so I can have them ALL! *evil laugh*

This first volume presents us, mainly, three story arcs:

  1. the story of Alana and Marko: In a very Romeo and Juliet type of romance, they both are from different and enemy species, who are currently at war with each other. They’re love is forbidden but they become even more of a threat since they now have a mutt child.
  2. the story of The Will: He is a freelance bounty hunter that is hired to trace down Alana and Marko and their new born child, Hazel. This part of the narrative tells his path to find the fleeting couple.
  3. the story of Prince Robot IV: He is the emissary of the Robot Kingdom and he’s also assigned by his father to find Alana and Marko.

Everything about Saga is so interesting! The drawings, by amazing Fiona Staples, blow me away every time. Before I start talking about the style, let me just say that there’s a lot of nudity and violence through this pages. The photo below contains nudity (lots of boobs and penises, all of those can be found in other pages too. I hope you’re not offended by it). The strong shadows make everything seem almost realist, even though it’s far from it. I’ve never seen such a beautiful design of characters. There’s plenty of weird and almost messed up species but their designs are flawless. They are unique and completely fascinating at the same time. My favourite is The Stalk. She’s a weird human/spider-like creature with lots of eyes and legs but totally gorgeous and sexy. She’s a babe! (You can google her, I completely forgot to take photos of her). I also like the weirdness of some specific characters that are just giant heads, with normal sized legs. But the ones that creep me out the most are the robots. They’re just grey human bodies with tv heads. I guess they seem the most strange to me because they don’t have a face so you can’t see their emotions? I don’t even know, it’s just so weird! I know, everything sounds strange but that’s exactly what makes Saga more special.

IMG_2026The story is a perfect mix of everything. It’s drama, comedy, thriller, you name it! The characters are super complete and deep. As you dive more into the book, their traits and history come out. Of course that at the end of volume one, there’s still a lot of mystery surrounding the main plot and some of the characters past but that only made me more excited to read more and more. All the plots are very well delivered, so you don’t mix everything up. The fact that this is a graphic novel helps a lot with the ridiculous amount of different characters, consequencial of multiple arc stories. They are also very different visually so there’s no way for you to mix them all up. This would never be possible in another type of book. Otherwise, at page thirty you wouldn’t know who was who.

I’ve already mentioned The Stalk. She’s definitely my favourite character of the book so far. I love Alana and Marko a lot too, they’re such a lovely couple. Just imagined what it would be like to love someone that much. Simply drop everything and run, with all the danger and death that comes with it. I can’t even imagined what it would be like to do that! But it sure makes a hell of a story!

IMG_2025I loved this first volume so much, I can’t even wait to read the next one! It ended with such a cliffhanger! I won’t resist for much longer, I’m sure. I highly recommend Saga to everyone, even thought it might not be a great story for everyone. If you like aliens, sex and great plot, you’ll really love this. If not, it may be a wonderful surprise! (I hope so). In case you have already read Saga, please let me know what you thought!


School starts tomorrow (monday 16th of february) so the posts may slow down a little bit. I have a lot of stuff in my drafts so that might not be a problem in the future. Either way, please be patient! Thank you for reading!



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