Book Review #19 – Anna And The French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins

Hello lovely people!

As I’ve been saying in my recent posts, my goal for the year is to become a more diverse reader. I’ve been trying to read more genres than what I normally do, and also some new authors. Today’s review is about a book that’s both of those things: Anna And The French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins.

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My mom got a tablet to herself as a gif during the summer because she simply loves those little games. The fifteen minutes of the wonderful Olivia (the name of the tablet) have passed and my mom doesn’t use it anymore. So, I’ve been searching and found out the wonderful world of e-books! I have to admite that I’m not officially addicted to them. This is one of the titles I got, so that’s why there’s no pretty pictures. Sorry!

I have to start this review by saying this: I’ve never enjoyed romances. The girly girl in me is all heart eyes but the racional me is just like “meh”. They are mainly composed by a bunch of clichés or overly unrealistic events and people. I hate to hate on something without fully knowing and understanding what I’m talking about. So, I decided to expand my horizons and give romances a try. Everyone seems so excited over all the books by Stephanie Perkins, that I thought that they would be just the perfect place to start.

Stephanie Perkins is an american writer known for the blue stripes in her hair or overall colourful head. She’s always worked with books, since that, besides being a writer, she already was a bookseller and librarian. And one thing is certain: she clearly knows her references and audience. Anna And The French Kiss is her first book but she already published another two titles: Lola And The Boy Next Door and Isla And The Happily Ever After. She also edited a book with a bunch of other YA authors (like Gayle Forman, Rainbow Rowell and David Levithan), called My True Love Gave To Me: Twelve Holiday Stories. (Check the links to find out all about those titles.)

This particular book focuses on Anna Oliphant, a girl who is forced by her father to attend a boarding school in Paris, France. Like expected, Anna is not happy. She has to leave all her life behind: her mother and little brother, best friend and even an “almost” boyfriend. Everything’s a bit difficult at first but then she meets some new people. Between them, there’s Étienne St. Clair. He’s perfect, except for one small detail: he has a girlfriend.

As you could see from my little synopsis, this seems like every typical YA romance. And you’re not wrong. The conflict and the relationships between all the characters are very predictable. As well as the overall plot. But, besides all that, there’s something quite special about this book. Anna is the main reason for that. There’s really a lot about her that I love. My favourite, by far, is her love for cinema. It feels really true. I could relate completely. I squeaked over the reference to Wes Anderson and Rushmore. Of course that Étienne is very special too. He’s not really my type but I am absolutely positive that he makes a lot of girls gasp and hold their breath through a lot of this pages. I’m sure it’s all because of his “exotic” combination: american boy, english accent and french personality.

I loved the setting of this book. I was never one of those people that’s obsessed with Paris (honestly, it seems to be a lovely place but nothing that special). Perkins made it seem like such a wonderful town. I could completely picture all the locations and the smells. It’s wonderful how a book can make you travel to such far away places.

This review wasn’t the easiest to write because I’m still having quite a little internal debate. A part of me can’t stop thinking about how lame romance is. All the butterflies during a kiss, warm bodies and lame feelings. Oh and those cheesy lines! I feel almost like shouldn’t like this! But I do. It’s just so fun. Sometimes my head doesn’t want to deal with constant debates over the most important matters in life. As I’m going through a weird stage in my own existence, it felt good to get my mind off it and just enjoy the ride. I need to do that more often. It’s quite refreshing.

What I’m trying to say is that I really enjoyed this even thought a part of me fought me against me. If you’re into romances, you’ll absolutely love this one. Anna and Étienne are such a lovely couple. I quite enjoyed this encounter with YA romance and Stephanie Perkins. I’m totally going to read her other two of her books in a near future, so watch out for that. If you had read any of her books, let me know what you thought.

I hoped you liked this little review! I’m really enjoying reading stuff I’m not used to, it’s so invigorating! I’ll share everything with you guys. Thank you for reading!



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