ARC | Graphic Novel/Manga Review #5 – Bob’s Burgers

Hello guys!

Today’s review is about a comic from one of my all-time favourite TV shows, Bob’s Burgers.

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D.E. Comic Page Template.epsI got a copy of this book thanks to Net Galley. I’m pretty hooked on their graphic novels and comics selection. There’s some real good titles there.

Bob’s Burgers is an animated TV series that first aired in 2011. I really love animated comedy series so I started watching this one right from the start. Little did I know that I was discovering one of my favourite TV series. Basically, it talks about the Belcher family (Bob, Linda and their kids Tina, Gene and Louise) and their shenanigans in the restaurant they own or in life in general.

The comics series was released only in August. This paperback edition is just now available and it features the first five issues and some bonus content (which you know I really love). Every issue has the same structure and every bit is dedicated to a main character of the show. They are:

  • Tina’s Erotic Friend Fiction – Tina is a little pervert and she likes to write what she calls friend fiction. That’s basically fan fiction but with people she actually knows. This bits feature a lot of butts and sexy dancing (curtesy mostly of Tina’s crush, Jimmy Jr.)
  • Burger Of The Day (Bob) – The show is known for the ridiculous names of the Burger Of The Day in the restaurant. This segment contains a lot burgers name ideas, according to a theme.
  • Louise’s Unsolved Mysteries and Curious Curiosities – Louise is kinda of the “problematic” child. She’s angry and really obsessed with whatever comes to her. Of course that resolving mysteries is just the perfect thing for her.
  • Letters From Linda – Like the total mom that Linda is, she likes to write letters with her suggestions and ideas to companies and even people. They always feature some little doodles as well.
  • Gene Belcher Presents:…, The Musical – Gene is the musical soul of the family. With his keyboard and natural talent to put everything he sees into a song, his segments are always like a Broadway show!

Every bit is really well done. You see the essence of each character in it. The writers and illustrators are members of the TV show production but I never actually imagined it to feel so much like the show itself. I just didn’t think it was very fair for Bob not to have an actual segment for himself. It’s ok that Burger Of The Day is his thing but it didn’t seem like it was the best thing for his character.

My favourite were, of course, Tina’s. She’s probably my favourite character ever. She’s so awkward and totally deadpan. I really identify with her. She has inspired me not to be afraid of my sexuality and whatever flaws that make me myself. It’s funny how I’m just talking about a cartoon. But whoever writes this show, does magic. All her bits were super funny and sexy, just like she is. I also really like Louise’s and a book themed Burger Of The Day. The ones that I really didn’t care much about were Gene’s. I don’t love his character in the show so that must have influenced me. Fart and poop jokes were never my thing. Also, I kept trying to read the segment in a singing voice but the rhythms I made up in my mind didn’t seem right. Urgh, it was kind of frustrating.

I read this slowly, enjoying each issue at the time. I wanted to read it just like I would if I was waiting for each issue to come out. That way, the constant format didn’t bore me. Small doses are the best for this type of book. The bonus content is a variety of variant covers and the originals, courtesy of a wide variety of artists. It was definitely a very good read!

In summary, if you’re a big fan of the show, you HAVE to read the comics! It doesn’t add a lot to the show but it certainly gives you a bigger fix of those great characters, which is always very appreciated. If not, who knows?, you probably end up meeting your new favourite series! Everyone should give this one a try.

I hoped you guys enjoyed this lil’ review! There’s a lot more coming up! Thank you so much for reading!



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