ARC | Graphic Novel/Manga Review #6 – Edward Scissorhands Vol.1, by Kate Leth and Drew Rausch

Hey guys! Today I bring you another review from a title I got at NetGalley. It’s Edward Scissorhands, Vol.1: Parts Unknown by Kate Leth and Drew Rausch.

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Edward Scissorhands was born in the mind of a teenage Tim Burton. The king of quirky gothic horror has always been a talented human being. He always drew and wrote stories, which where later combined in a book called The Melancholy Death Of Oyster Boy and Other Stories. Inside this book, it’s the story of Edward Scissorhands, an unfinished creation with scissors for hands. Besides his scary looks, he’s a very sensitive boy that ends up falling in love with a girl named Kim.

Tim Burton himself directed the 1990 movie adaptation of this story, featuring Johnny Depp and Winona Ryder in the lead roles. The movie was highly well received in its time but it later became a cult classic. It catapulted Burton’s career as a movie director and Depp’s and Ryder’s as actors.

The story of this title takes place a few years after the ending of the movie, having Kim’s grand-daughter, Megan, as one of the main characters. Her mother has always denied the existence of Edward, claiming it was only a character in the stories of Megan’s grandmother. As a stubborn girl that she is, Megs decides to find out the truth on her one. Parallel to that, Edward discovers a new invention deactivated in his home castle. He decides to wake him up, only to find out it wasn’t quite the best idea.

I know that I saw the movie lots and lots of years ago but I don’t remember the story at all. It’s only necessary to give you a little context to this book. Without the bases, you might miss out some facts but it’s not problematic to the understanding of the story. It is a simple one but with a great message. Sometimes, big plots with huge twists and turns take us away from what really matters.

I think that taking something already pretty popular and trying to continue it it’s a very courageous thing to do. Publics aren’t always receptive and all the hard work can go down the drain. For the little I remember from the movie, the author really caught the essence of Edward. I think all the other characters are new but they’re very well developed nevertheless.

I also really liked the art. As I said many times in my previous reviews, the quality of the drawings really make a difference. In this particular case, I think one expects for it to be similar to Tim Burton’s style. But they are not. They’re in this clean, colourful style. With lots of cartoony expressions and emotions. I fell in love and totally need to check the artist’s other works.

This title didn’t end with a cliffhanger or anything but I would definitely read the other volumes. Learning more about Edward should be pretty cool! So, you guys must, without a doubt, pick this title! It’s really really great.

I wish I could read as many graphic novels and comics as I’ve been reading lately. It’s so good and refreshing to see beautiful art and read wonderful stories!

I hope to see you guys around soon!



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