March Book Haul

Hey guys!

Oh man, remember when I was afraid I was going to spend a month without getting any books? Well, I was pretty darn wrong. I think this month’s is my biggest haul since Christmas… And it sure felt like it! Here’s my March book haul!


  • Batman: The Dark Knight Returns (pt. O Regresso do Cavaleiro das Trevas I e II), by Frank Miller, Klaus Janson and Lynn Varley


Find any edition of this book over at Book Depository

I’ve been looking to get this book for the longest of times. The drawings of Frank Miller really fascinate me and plus, Batman is the actual best. I bought this hardcover two-part editions from a portuguese publication of the 75th anniversary of Batman. It feels great to support national publications. Also, my mom decided to buy them for me so it was a win win kind of deal! It’s a shame the covers don’t match!

It tells the story of a fifty-five year old Bruce Wayne who returns from retirement to fight crime. And guess what? Gotham City’s police and the United Stated government (surprising, I know).

  • Blue Is The Warmest Color, by Julie Maroh


Find any edition of this book over at Book Depository

In the end of February, I won another giveaway contest! This one was held by Becki over at beckisbookshelf. She usually does one for month so you should go check out her blog if you like that! Also, her shelves are wonderful and her cats are the cutest! In this particular giveaway, there were a few books from which I had to choose. It was really hard since there was some great titles there! I ended up picking this one, since I saw the art work before and became totally obsessed with it.

This book tells the love story between two girls, in the late 90’s. A movie adaptation was released in 2013. I don’t know how similar the two are. I really loved the movie though! If you don’t like really really long lesbian sex scenes, I wouldn’t recommend it though.

  • Never Let Me Go, by Kazuo Ishiguro


Find any edition of this book over at Book Depository

I’ve expressed my desire to read this book in some previous posts. I saw a guy selling this title for three euros so I couldn’t resist! It was my 100th book so yay! Let’s celebrate that! It might be something little to some of you but considering how little my room is, I’m really proud of having one hundred books in here. I tried to clean this book a couple of times only to figure it out it really looks dirty but it’s not.

This is a dystopian novel. I don’t want to know much about it but what I do know is that it’s told by a girl named Kathy that tells what growing up was like in this messed-up version of England.

  • Choke, by Chuck Palahniuk


Find any edition of this book over at Book Depository

Last year I finally decided to pick up Fight Club from the library. Since then, I’ve been wanting to read another Palahniuk book. At a little fair, I found a guy selling this beautiful edition of Choke, for only two euros. It was a no brainer.

Basically, the main character of this books decides to be a part of a scheme: he goes to restaurants and pretends to be choking on his food. Whoever saves him, ends up feeling responsible for his life! So, there’s a lot of checks and money flowing in. Like it says in the cover, it’s a book from fans of Fight Club who are actually sex addicts!

Total spent this month, from my own pockets: five euros! I should have saved that money but looking at this gorgeous bargains I got, I couldn’t be happier. March was a good month for books! Let’s see how the next few will go!

Thank you for sticking by guys! It’s always a pleasure to see you around!



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