ARC | Book Review #26 – The Fangirl’s Guide To The Galaxy, by Sam Maggs

Hey guys!

I’m still going through my non fiction phase, so here’s a new title! Here’s my review for The Fangirl’s Guide To The Galaxy, by Sam Maggs.

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Fangirl_final_300dpi I picked this title over at NetGalley. I went there to put one of my reviews online and I found this gem in the front page. I was instantly drawn by the gorgeous illustration on the cover. Then I saw the title and I just HAD to request it! It seemed like the perfect book to me.

The author is Sam Maggs, a geek extraordinaire. She’s known for her contributions on The Mary Sue (a feminist pop culture website), books and some cool cosplays. This particular one is a complete guide to everything a geek girl needs to know: lingo, steps to preparing and safely attend a con, cosplays and all sort of other helpful advices.

I consider myself a pretty geeky girl even though I don’t really feel like I fit in fandoms. I don’t compulsively like something. I have my heart full of things and my love is equally shared. This is something I’ve always been a bit insecure about. Everyone identifies with something, has specific OTPs and fanfics and I’ve always been in the outside of that. And to be honest, this book made me feel a lot more comfortable with what I am. The author really wants to make clear that any fangirl is a true one. There’s no such thing as a fake geek girl, like that awful meme. That message is really something very comforting.

I wasn’t expecting to learn as much as I did, to be honest. There’s several introductions to expressions, glossaries and resources. I absolutely loved the guide to fandoms. I learned so much about things I’m not really into! It was very fun. There was also so many information about cons! I mentioned in a previous post (I think) that we just had our first Comic Con here in Portugal, last december. I had a blast but I’m sure it was nothing like the big cons. The book, while trying to explain how to behave in cons, really gave you an insight of how this places work. I wish there was a book like this but more focused on other places that aren’t north America. That reality is really far from the one I know and I’m sure there’s lots of amazing cons (here in Europe and other continents).

There was a lot of recommendations during the book of particular shows, movies and games with awesome and kick-ass females that I need to search about. The same goes for online magazines and websites.

The only thing that I didn’t appreciate that much were the little interviews in between some chapters. They featured a lot of great women (I didn’t knew most, only author Erin Morgenstern).The main problem was that the questions were all the same and that made the answers pretty similar too. After six times, I really lost my interest.

One of my favourite details about this book were the little illustrations from Kelly Bastow. They’re so cute and totally lovely. There’s big illustrations in the beginning of each chapter and a ton of smaller ones throughout the book. I loved it so much.

Screen Shot 2015-04-09 at 16.05.27

To conclude, this books is absolutely precious. We need more with a simple and yet so important message: just be yourself. I loved this read and it made me so extremely happy. Geek girls make my world go round. And this is not only a girl’s book! Everyone will appreciate all the messages and information contained in this title. So, go pick it up please!

Thank you for reading guys! Hope to see you soon.



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