Graphic Novel/Manga Review #8 – Saga, Volume Two by Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples

Hey guys!

I finally had the chance to caught up with Saga! Here’s my review for volume two!

Disclaimer: There can be spoilers for vol. one. Beware the violence and sexual content.

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First of all, in case you missed it, I did a review for volume one some time ago. You should read that first! It’s here.

Once again, I stole this volume from my boyfriend and once again I wish I had bought this books to myself. All the hype surrounding Saga is completely justified and if you like comics and haven’t read this title yet, what are you doing with your life dude?!

Let’s do a little summary first! The story is divided in three main plot lines:

  • Alana, Marko and their daughter Hazel: The first two characters have some sort of Romeo and Juliet type of romance going on.Their races are enemies and procreation between them is consider one hell of a filthy thing. So, after falling in love and making a baby, Alana and Marko have to run away from the people trying to kill them and capture their child.
  • The Will: This bounty-hunter is hired by the government of Wreath (Marko’s home planet) to find the fugitives but gets some personal problems in the meanwhile.
  • Prince Robot IV: The heir to the Robot Kingdom was also assigned to hunt for the two lovers and their child and like The Will, things aren’t that easy on him too.

This volume was a good continuation to the already amazing story. The sex and violence so characteristic are still present and pretty great. It was weird to read through the volume with pages full of naked people while on a train but I can manage the odd looks from the old ladies!

There were introduced some new characters! I can’t even begin to tell you about my new favourite one: Gwendolyn. She’s not only beautiful (see picture below) but she’s a total badass. She’s not going to take shit from anyone and will in fact kill you if necessary. Nothing makes my day quite like a badass female character. I wish I could personally thank Vaughan for this. His female characters are absolutely one of the best I’ve ever came across in my life. Also, can we appreciate his and Staples effort in creating such diversified cast? There’s people/creatures of colour, with different sizes and shapes. Good job on that, seriously!


I have to congratulate Staples again, Saga wouldn’t be the same without her work. I would love a trip inside her head. She is so imaginative, I couldn’t even imagine the beings she creates. I’ve showed this book to my friends and they were absolutely blown away by the designs. I hope that I made them read Saga too!

We’re also introduced to some of the characters backstory! I loved to know a bit more about how Alana and Marko fell in love. They’re so amazing together, it was good to finally know how they got there! Relationship goals, seriously (except the whole part of doomed lovers of course)!

Like the previous volume, this one ends with an huge cliffhanger and I can’t even wait to read the next one! The only down point I have for this saga is that it seems to be moving at a very slow pace. That isn’t necessarily bad but I think I wanted to see a little more end-game plot in this second volume.


Anyway, I really really am loving Saga. Now onto volume three! Let me know your thoughts on this saga and if you’re liking it! I would love to discuss it with someone! Also, I’m experimenting a lot with the photos I post here, what do you think?

I hope you stick around for my next review!



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