Portuguese Books I’ve Been Reading Lately

Hello guys!

Today’s post is a bit different. In the last few months, I’ve been reading some books from portuguese authors. Even thought you probably can’t find most of them internationally, I thought it was a good idea to share them with you either way. I hope you enjoy them!


  • O Bom Inverno, by João Tordo


I featured this book in a previous haul but it took me a while to read it and even more to talk about it! The title roughly translates to “The Good Winter”.

This book tells the story of a writer who travels with a young man and his friends to Italy, to the house of a very famous film producer. Mystery strikes and they’re all stuck in that house, where leaving alive isn’t really an option.

João Tordo is one of the most popular contemporary portuguese writers and this was my first contact with his work. It was such an interesting read and very different from what national authors usually do. It made me curious and I definitely need to read more books from him.

  • O Amor É Fodido, by Miguel Esteves Cardoso


This one was absolutely terrible… The title literally means “Love Is Fucked” and that’s honestly what this book is. The story was so confusingly told that is actually difficult for me to do a little sinopsis. All I can say is that it was about some fucked up relationship, that constantly dealt with violence, hate and death.

I think this is one of the worst books I’ve ever read in my life. It took me so much time to finish, it physically hurt.  It’s so confusing and it basically talks about nothing at all. The only thing the author wanted was shock value (which I already I assumed from the title). I was hesitant about him because last year he wrote an article about how Game Of Thrones sucks.  I had a feeling I shouldn’t trust him.

  • O Ano da Morte De Ricardo Reis, by José Saramago

_MG_2676I think this is the only title in this list that you can actually buy overseas. Here’s a link. José Saramago won the Nobel Prize in 1998 and ever since his books have become pretty popular around the world. I read this when I was about thirteen and so many years have passed, I didn’t actually remember anything about it.

Ricardo Reis is a doctor that comes back to Portugal, after sixteen years living in Brazil. He’s not an ordinary man though. He is one of Fernando Pessoa’s (a famous poet) heteronyms, which basically means he’s a part of a several times divided being. Now that Pessoa died, Reis is trying to cope with himself and all the country changes.

Nothing compares to the writing of José Saramago. I feel like I can honestly call him my favourite writer. He’s so unique, either in stories and style. This title is another work of art and I just hope I never run out of his books to read. He died almost five years ago and I’m still sad.

I hope some of you care to read this post. There’s so many books that don’t get to the audiences they should and I hope I showed you something you might be interested about. Anyway, it’s always a way for me to share more about my country and culture and I find that pretty great. I hope to see you in another post like this one!



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