ARC | Graphic Novel/Manga Review #9 – Jupiter’s Legacy, Volume One by Mark Millar and Frank Quitely

Hello guys!

Here’s my new graphic novel review. I’m going to talk about Jupiter’s Legacy by Mark Millar and Frank Quitely.

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This is one of the Image Comics titles that’s been getting the most attention lately. I saw this available at NetGalley and thought “Why not?”. I knew absolutely nothing about it but since Image has not disappoint me yet, I thought it couldn’t do me no harm.

Jupiter’s Legacy begins with a group of young people in 1929. Sheldon has recurring  dreams about a calling of an island. After they find and visit that place, their lives are changed forever: they gain super powers. Eighty-four years later, their sons, daughters and grandchildren are known super heroes and celebrities but could never fit in their parents shoes.

Containing five volumes, this first book’s job is to settle the story. In the beginning, it’s really interesting but I completely lost my interest not even before the middle of it. This story is all about politics, which is something I’m not really interested about. I like a good super hero story full of some fights and bad monsters. If I’m reading a story I want to be completely lost and not just finding myself worrying about the state of the economy for example. Besides, there isn’t anything I’ve never seen before in here. All the twists and turns were done before (and probably worked better).

Aside from not really caring for the story, I couldn’t connect with the characters too. Their lives and experiences are so different to mine, there was absolutely nothing in common between us. I need just a bit of sympathy to enjoy a story. Without that, I just can’t.

As I talked about in my previous reviews, the art is something that really is important to me in comics. If that fails, it’s hard for me to be excited or even care to read. The style in this book isn’t really my thing. The characters all look like some weird aliens. And there’s way to many strokes. It looks something like Frank Miller would do but it doesn’t have half of the same appeal.

Besides everything I said previously, I didn’t hate this book. There wasn’t really anything I liked but there wasn’t also I really hated. I don’t plan of continue to read this series but I didn’t find it in myself to hate it. I just didn’t care.

The most awesome thing about it was the amount of bonus content it had! So many variant covers and all so pretty. Definitely prettier than most of the originals and for sure better than the cover from this first volume.

Well, this read was a disappointment to me but I’m sure there’s a lot of people very much in love with this specific type of story. If you, by any chance, read this book, please let me know what you thought of it. I always love to hear you guys opinions!

See you next time!



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