Book-To-Movie Adaptations! – Good Edition #2

Hello world!

With the end of the school year and the beginning of my summer holidays, I have more time to spend doing original posts for Cat’s Shelf!

Today’s post is a kind of meme I started when I first made this blog. Here’s Book-To-Movie Adaptations – Good Edition, part two! This edition’s theme is graphic novels!


600full-sin-city,-vol.-1--the-hard-goodbye-cover SinCity

Movie poster credits to Miramax Films

The first Sin City movie is definitely the best adaptation. All movies adapt a couple of stories, from the seven books of the most sinful town in a messed up America. This particular movie concentrates on The Hard Goodbye, telling the story of Marv and his revenge for Goldie; The Big Fat Kill, where an everyday man gets caught in a war between prostitutes, the mob and cops; and That Yellow Bastard, in which a little girl is kidnapped by a psycho with yellow skin. These are the first, third and forth volumes on the series, respectively.

The main reason I added the movie in this special was not because it’s true to the original material. I’ve only read the first volume and it sure is faithfully adapted, I can’t tell for the others. If you ever came across the books or the work of Frank Miller, you know of his particular style of drawing, with those weird lines and dark tones. The movie captures just that. The noir feel, the “twistedness”, the violence, the high contrast with only a hint of red. It was a big step up in the visual aspect of a movie, being even one of the first movies shot almost fully in front of a green screen. Seeing the movies gives you the exact same feel as the comics.

Ghost_world A70-12953

Movie poster credits to Granada Film

Ghost World was a pleasant surprise, both movie and book. The graphic nove tells the story of two adolescent best friends who grow up and eventually, fall apart.

Like Sin City, I didn’t include this title in this list because of its faithful adaptation, since the book and movie have their differences (even thought they start from the same point). The movie decides to focus more on the obsession that one of the girls has with an older (and uglier) man. Most importantly, both art forms do a pretty good job in portraying the incredible vibe from the mid 1990’s, where everyone was a bit weird and punky, while still trying to find out who they really were deep inside. Sometimes, it’s more important to convey a feel than to shoot and edit exactly at it is in the pages of the source material.

KICKASS_MPHC_cover kickass_ver9_xlg

Movie poster credits to Lionsgate and Universal Pictures

Last but not least, here’s one of the first super heroes comics I read. Right after the release of the movie and the beginning of my huge crush on Aaron Taylor-Johnson, a friend of mine lent me this comic and pretty much started a new path on my reading life. Kick-Ass tells the story of a teenager who decides to become a real life super hero, even though he has no real power or special ability.

Contrary to the other two titles on this list, this one is pretty faithful to the original story. I think that the only thing that actually changes is the fact that Kick-Ass is blonde in the comic but brunette in the movie! Sometimes, vigilante and super hero stories are heavily changed because it’s honestly really hard to adapt that craziness to the big screen. That’s where, in my opinion, most adaptations of this genre tend to fail. Kick-Ass not only knows how to show the awesomeness of its source material as it brings a comic book-y vibe that influenced a lot of the following movies of the genre.

Anyway, leave me more suggestions of good book-to-movie adaptations! I’ll pleasantly await for them. I hope you liked this book because I have more of these to come!



4 thoughts on “Book-To-Movie Adaptations! – Good Edition #2

  1. Great post! Ghost World sounds so interesting. I haven’t read the book, nor have I seen the movie but you’ve got me interested in it! 🙂 I haven’t read the Kick-Ass graphic novel, but I LOVED the movie. Haven’t yet seen the second one, though!


  2. I really enjoyed this post, since I love watching movies just as much as I love reading books! I’ve only watched Kick Ass from the ones you’ve listed here, and it exceeded my expectations. I may have to check it out in comic book form! I’ve also seen Ghost World cover floating around but never knew there was a movie version too.

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