ARC | Book Review #36 – Goose, by Dawn O’Porter


Today’s review is the second volume in the Paper Aeroplanes series! Here you have, Goose by Dawn O’Porter.


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Before continuing with this review, I recommend the reading of my review for the first title in this series, Paper Aeroplanes. It will make you more familiar with what kind of books and characters you can find.

I got this title from NetGalley. After the most amazing surprise that Paper Aeroplanes turned out to be, I really wanted to read more of O’Porter’s books. Her incredible honesty and openness in all matters make her works really refreshing.

Dawn O’Porter is a british writer, currently living in Los Angels. Her work, like I said, stands out for its humor, sincerity and portrait of real women and womanly situations.

After the events of Paper Aeroplanes, best friends Renée and Flo are now facing other difficulties. Flo wants for them both to go to college together, while Renée doesn’t feel like that’s the best idea for her personally. In this book, their friendship is put to test, in the middle of other crazy things that happen in the life of eighteen year-old girls.

I had a lot of expectations for this book. Mostly, I think I was kind of afraid that this would be an incredible let down, so much that it would ruin everything else. It wasn’t that but it wasn’t particularly as good as the previous title.

Everything in this book didn’t feel that different from the other. The characters had pretty much the same arcs and the plot was more or less the same. There was really nothing that new. Some happenings and characters changed names but deep down, it all occurred and turned out the same. So, I guess I liked Goose mainly because it was more of what I liked in Paper Aeroplanes.

Once again, I didn’t really identify with the main characters. I like them but their realities are really far away from my own. Flo has a weird religious plot point that came out of nowhere and it was the only thing I fully did not like about the book. It seemed a bit unnecessary because it went nowhere. I’m not a religious person myself but other’s believes aren’t a problem to me. What was, was the stagnation of something that could have brought on a good arc to the character and some drama to the story.

The most amazing thing about Dawn O’Porter’s works is her ability to talk about subjects not even touched in most literature (or any type of media, in fact). Things like the morning-after pill and queefing (or “vaginal farts”) are the most natural of things and are treated like that, in this and other of her books. It feels so good not to act like there’s things about my womanly body that I should be hiding or avoiding to talk about. In that matter, I will always be appreciative of the author’s good work. It’s a really important messages for all the girls who will read this book.

Well, Goose was good but it didn’t felt as impactful to me as Paper Aeroplanes. It’s still an important read and I would highly recommend it. There aren’t a lot of books like these two out there and it pains me that they don’t get that much attention from the YA public.

Like always, please let me know what you thought in case you read this book! See you next time.



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