Book Review #37 – The Girl On The Train, by Paula Hawkins


Today’s review is about one of the most talked books of the last few months! Here’s my review for The Girl On The Train by Paula Hawkins.91lUeBR2G1L

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When a particular book comes to major popularity, a lot of the same genre start to emerge. It has happened, more recently, with smutty and thriller/mystery books. After the incredible success of last year’s Gone Girl (my review can be found here), a lot of similar books, with the missing girl troupe, started to emerge. The Girl On The Train is one of the most popular.

Paula Hawkins is an author from Zimbabwe, living in London since 1989. She first worked in journalism for fifteen years. Since she stopped, she has dedicated herself mainly to fiction. This is her first book.

Rachel is a woman going through a though time in her life: she’s an alcoholic divorcee with no job. Her only escape from reality is when she rides the train from the suburbs to the center of London and passes a house, where she sees what seems to be a perfect couple. When the woman of that perfect couple goes missing, Rachel tries to help the investigation and puts herself in the middle of a terrible situation.

I didn’t pick up this title fully on my own initiative, since it was June’s title pick of the Booktown Bookclub. I decided to tag along because I wanted to see what all of the fuss was about. The portuguese publisher of this book, Topseller, did an amazing job in advertising this book. There were posters in all the trains! It was hard to escape its voice saying “Read me! Read ME!”.

A quick search online, after a few pages into this book, confirmed my worst fears: this was going to be another Gone Girl. And I wasn’t a fan of that one. So, I pretty much lost all my interest in this book right at the beginning, which can never a good sign.

I have to relate to the characters even a bit for me to enjoy a book. The life of the people in this story wasn’t nearly like my own. Marriage problems, babies, losing jobs are things that I, as an almost twenty year-old, hope that are really far away from me. I didn’t feel like this book talked to me but to all the middle aged stay-at-home moms, looking for some exciting happenings in their lives. The only good thing about the characters where that they were completely unlikable! Unlikable characters are always somehow fascinating.

I don’t know about you but for me, a good thriller has to surprise me! If I feel like I already know how the story will end, I don’t want to continue my read since my time will be more well spent in other books. This is what happened here. After about half, it’s clear how it will end. Even so, the author keeps stalling the events and the unavoidable ending. That made me think that maybe I was wrong, things weren’t going to end like what I imagine! But nope, it really did. In the end, this read was a real let down. Completely cliche and predictable. What a waste of time.

If you want to read a good thriller/mystery book, read Gone Girl. At least that one is original and it will keep you at the edge of your seat. That’s more than what I can say for this one. Maybe this genre isn’t for me, I think I’m slowly realizing that.

Anyway, what did you thought? Loved it, hated it? Let me know!

See you next time!



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