How Do I Decide What Book To Read Next? – The process of choosing what books to read next by Cat

Hey guys!

Today’s post is not a about a particular book. I’ve decided to talk about something I’ve always found very curious: the process of choosing what to read next.


How does one really decide what to read next? I think this is one of the greatest questions of life and I’m here to think a bit about it and tell you how I roll.

For many many years, what I did was go into the library and ask for recommendations. I found some of my favourite childhood books that way. The librarian always had the best recs and I have a lot to thank her for. There are always some hits and misses but I guess it’s like that with everything. You can’t possible like all the books in the world.

When I started to buy my own books, I read them as they came. But in the last few years, my book buying problem has increased. I always had about ten books, at least, in my TBR. What I did was just look at them and choose whatever I felt like reading. Some were pushed back years and years and it didn’t made me particularly happy. Besides, it was a real pain and included a lot of ponderation of the pros and cons of eachย particular read!

To deal with this problem better, I started something like a virtual TBR jar. I decided to do it on the computer since I don’t like wasting paper and I didn’t have any jars available to use at the time. What I did was create a sheet with a list of all my unread books. Using the random generator, I choose the book corresponding to the number that it is drawn. A few people doubt this method since it takes a lot of will to in fact read the book that is dawn. Because maybe it isn’t the book you most wanted to read or you just aren’t in the mood. It’s important to stick with it tho! Otherwise there’s no use to having a TBR jar.

Right now, I use a combination of the last two methods, even though I’m trying to use the virtual jar more often. Still, there’s a few books I just have to read as soon as I get them.

Anyway, how do you decide what to read next? I guess everyone has their ways and I’m just really curious to know how it works for you! Please let me know!



13 thoughts on “How Do I Decide What Book To Read Next? – The process of choosing what books to read next by Cat

  1. I did a post on this a while back going into more detail, but the basic is that I use a modified TBR Jar system. I have three jars, which can potentially give me four options, and chances are low I won’t want to read /any/ of them. There’s also the matter of reading the books I get from Blogging for Books and my Book Club picks, so I’m not usually hard-pressed to choose.

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  2. WHAT IS THIS WIZARDRY?! What happened to just looking at the shelf and playing eeny-meeny-miney-moe :’) Well if you’re really stuck for something to read I’ve got a small-ish blog where I post short stories, and I’ve managed to turn a few heads with my novel’s prologue. I’d love it if you could find some time to maybe read a few ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. I personally don’t buy a book until I know I am going to read it next…. The problem is deciding which book out of the many I want to read.


  4. Damn it, I just wrote a super interesting comment, but I think it got deleted because of some sort of login issue. ARGH. As I was saying:

    Virtual TBR jar? How clever! I never thought of it!
    I personally use a very complex technique: staring at my shelves and waiting for something to click in my brain that makes me say “I want to read this one!!”. I know… Groundbreaking method.
    The thing is, since I started to read a lot more back in 2012, I’ve since acquired A LOT of books โ€”your “my TBR is always at least 10 books” made me choke on my teaโ€” and so deciding which one I want to read next is actually a bit difficult sometimes. Plus, there are the books that you know you want to read, but they just seem so intimidating that they get overlooked and spend ages on the shelf, unread. It’s almost sad, really.
    This is a real problem.

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    • right?! comments like this inspired me to write this post! you have so many options and they’re all so flawed too. I don’t know! I let go of the virtual TBR jar by now and I’m just like you know, I just stare at my shelves! I hope they find the perfect solution for this in a near future, next generations should have it easier


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