Book Review #39 – Every Day, by David Levithan

Hi readers!

Here’s my review for Every Day, by David Levithan.


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I’ve been meaning to hop on the David Levithan train for a while now. This american writer of young-adult fiction is known for his LGBTQ main characters and especially for the book Boy Meets Boy. He is also the co-writer of Nick and Nora’s Infinite Playlist (the movie adaptation of which I love) and Will Grayson, Will Grayson, written with John Green. I decided to finally pick this title up since the sequel is about to be released and I got access to an ARC through NetGalley.

Every Day tells the story of A, a person who wakes up everyday in a different body. But everything changes when A falls in love with a girl and wishes they could stay in the same body forever.

The blurb was what really captivated me to read this book. So many questions filled my head as soon as I read it: do the people “possessed” know their body is being occupied, can A choose who they occupy, is A the only one? I was just starting! A whole lot more came while reading the actual book. One of the most fascinating things is the fact that A doesn’t identify with any gender (hence why I’m using gender neutral pronouns). They once say something like they are whatever gender the body they’re in is. It was something really out of the box.

One thing is pretty clear right from the beginning of page one: Levithan is an amazing writer. He has an amazing way with words, making this book awfully quotable (in a good way). Some statements leave you thinking and others just hit you like a rock! Unfortunately, the good premise and the amazing writing are all the good I can say for this book.

With such a fascinating starting point and main character, this title loses itself with romance. It’s something that happens really slowly and yet you feel like it’s doomed right from the start. Firstly, the girl, Rhiannon, has a boyfriend. Secondly, A doesn’t control the constant changes of bodies. Every new chapter, representing a new day, is basically the same. A wakes up and makes a little introduction of the person they are invading that day. Then they formulate some kind of crazy plan to meet with Rhiannon. It’s really boring after about a third of the book.

There was a little glimpse of an explanation on why A is the way A is, but it doesn’t really move from that point forward. It was really interesting and I just hoped the author could have put more of that in the book because it would have made it a whole lot better. At first I thought the sequel was going to be about some kind of explanation but after a quick search I was left disappointed. Another Day is basically the same story but from Rhiannon’s perspective. I kind of lost my whole interest in that new book to be honest.

So now I feel obliged to read the sequel even though I really don’t feel like it. There’s definitely an audience for this book but I’m not in it so I don’t think I would particularly recommend it. Still, it had so much potential it kind of makes me sad that it took on the worst of directions. It’s really a shame.

Here’s one of the amazing quotes I was talking about!

It would be too easy to say that I feel invisible. Instead, I feel painfully visible, and entirely ignored.

Please let me know if you’ve read this and if so, what you though of it! See you next time!



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