ARC | Graphic Novel/Manga Review #18 – New Suicide Squad, Vol. 1: Pure Insanity by Sean Ryan and Jeremy Roberts

Hello guys!

With the new recent hype surround Suicide Squad, today I bring you a review from the most recent team! It’s New Suicide Squad, Pure Insanity by Sean Ryan and Jeremy Roberts.

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Before the announcement of the upcoming movie of Suicide Squad, I wasn’t aware of the existence of this super villain team working for the US government. Amanda Waller put together a team capable to succeed in every mission too dangerous for important individuals. With explosives on their necks, these villains are obliged to complete the missions. Some of the most notorious members include Harley Queen, Joker’s Daughter, Deadshot, Deadstroke, Black Manta and Captain Boomerang.

This volume has two main stories, each one composing of a new mission. In one, the team needs to find out about a top secret project from Russia and in the other, they need to destroy gone wrong Chinese super soldiers.

I picked this title not only to know a little bit more about this team and its characters but also because I’m not that familiarised with titles from DC Comics and that should be changed. I don’t know what I expected from it.

This was really fun to read. It feels so good to read something that gets you out of your head once in a while. All the fighting and explosions were damn awesome. The stories weren’t that amazing and you never actually fear for the characters or their believe in the failure of the missions but that doesn’t make the experience any less fun.

From all these characters, I was only really familiarised with Harley Quinn which has always fascinated me. I love how crazily fun she is. Others I knew by name, mostly because of their involvement in the plot of the upcoming movie. Two characters I did not know at all were Joker’s Daughter and Black Manta. The first is a mystery girl who claims to wear the real Joker’s face as a mask and the other is the archenemy of Aquaman. It’s always amazing to learn more. Screen Shot 2015-07-23 at 17.45.01

The only thing that really threw me off was the art which wasn’t that pretty. Somehow it remembers me of some early 2000’s style I’m not particularly fond of. From what I’ve seen of DC, this seems to be the signature style and that doesn’t excite me a lot. Although I don’t think it will stop me from reading more of their titles.

Besides everything good and bad, I can’t say this volume was something special. It was fun to read but that’s it. I’ll continue to read this series mostly because I need my fix of Harley and how can you not love a good team of super villains?!

So, are you guys fans of DC? Are you excited for the Suicide Squad movie? Please let me know!

Have a good day!



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