Happy first anniversary to Cat’s Shelf!


Exactly one year ago, I posted my first review here! So, it means that July 25th is the anniversary of Cat’s Shelf! Here’s to many many more!


To be honest, this all started from boredom. And loneliness. Because not everyone I know reads and those people don’t read what I read. I mainly wanted to talk about books and actually be understood. So that’s how this adventure started!

With 12 months, 100 posts, about 6,000 views and 100 something followers and counting, this has been a good journey. I’m really glad for the friends I’ve made and the people I met. I wish for more opportunities and beautiful individuals to meet in the next years to come.

Having this blog changed me for the better. I feel much more methodic and organised. I have a new found confidence in what I write and my photographs. I have much to improve still but I feel like I’m in the right path!

So, I made a few changes. The most obvious: the theme and the banner. I wasn’t satisfied with the theme I had, at all so I decided to change to this one. I find it way more pretty. I also wasn’t that satisfied with the font I used in my all banners so I chose one that looks more fun and that more accurately portraits the feel of the blog. I also have a new email address that can be found in the Contact page and a bookish Instagram, on the new social media widget. Some other widgets were also added or altered.

Please don’t forget that I have a giveaway going on for the next few days still. Learn what you need to enter and all of that right here.

Anyway, thank you to everyone who is a part of this blog and helped it grow what it did this past year. To many years to come!

See you soon,



12 thoughts on “Happy first anniversary to Cat’s Shelf!

  1. Congrats on making it to first year, amazing milestone! Hoping for many more good years of blogging for you!


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