Book Review #41 – Not That Kind of Girl, by Lena Dunham

Hello fellow readers!

Today’s review is on a title I’ve been meaning to read for a long long time. It’s Not That Kind of Girl (pt. Não Sou Esse Tipo de Miúda), by Lena Dunham.

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Some time ago, everyone was talking about how amazingly feminist and refreshing the show Girls was. It had won a lot of Emmys and everyone’s eyes were on it. It looked like my kind of show so I decided to give it a go. After two seasons, I had to quit. You probably won’t even hear me talk with so much anger and hate about a TV show as I do for this one. It was full of unnecessary sex scenes, bad jokes, stereotypes and the opposite of feminism.

Besides everything, a lot of people seem to idolise Lena Dunham, the creator, director and main actress of the show so I thought “why not? I’ll read her auto-biography”. My friend got a copy and was kind enough to lend it to me.


I call this book bullshit. I don’t know how to put it in any other way. Everything in this book seems fake. For a non-fiction book, everything in this pages seems like a big fat lie. All the stories seem extremely exaggerated and full of “juicy” details to make them more interesting. I can’t believe anything in this pages. That’s my main problem with it. I couldn’t read it without wanting to laugh out loud. It’s that unbelievable and delusional quite honestly.

Another thing that made me want to throw this book was: everything is an excuse to mention sex. It doesn’t matter if the theme of the chapter is “Friendship” or “Work”, there will be a detailed sex scene described there somewhere. It’s annoying as hell. My guess is that Dunham doesn’t really know how to write about anything else.


Like Dunham herself, this book is awfully problematic. There’s a mention to the author being sexually assaulted in one chapter and then that info is totally dismissed later on. After a quick search online, I’ve seen that that thing has caused a lot of problems since she doesn’t omit any names. One of the biggest drama surrounding the book comes from some overly sexual moments between her and her little sister, when they were both very young. Some have said that it is normal child behaviour but it honestly sounds a lot like sexual assault and rape to me. Just my two cents.

The only good thing in this book has nothing to do with its written content and it’s the illustrations. They are just perfect. They come with every chapter and there’s tiny ones separating some paragraphs, primarily when the subject changes. There’s also some spontaneous ones, relating to a particular passage of the book. I absolutely love the style and they make the book seem alive. Joana Avillez is so talented, I’m going to follow her work from now one because her job in this book is flawless.

_MG_3058editadaSo, this book is a waste of time. Do not read it. There’s a lot of better auto-biographies out there, with less narcissistic and self-indulged voices. I truly disliked this book, stay away from it and from the TV show, Girls.

Have you read this book, or watched this show? I would love to hear your thoughts!

See you next time,



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