ARC | Graphic Novel/Manga Review #20 – Shibainuko-san Vol.1, by Uzu


Here’s a manga review! It’s been a while. Today’s title is Shibainuko-san by Uzu.


I was instantly drawn to this title because of the cover. I mean, look how cute it is! From what I could tell, it seemed to have a cool premise too. That’s a dog in a sailor school uniform, it looked promising. So I decided to pick it up, from NetGalley.

This is an adaptation from a TV show where the main character, Shibainuko, is a dog. But her friend Chako seems to be the only one aware of it, since everyone else treats her like a regular human. That’s the main point of the story.

And honestly, there’s nothing much more than that. All the strips were about that: Shibainuko would do or refer something very dog-like and no one would notice. Only Chako. After the first few pages, I grew really tired of it. With the advance of the pages, nothing new really appeared and I just wanted to give up. It came to a point where I was so lightly reading it, I basically only looked at the pictures.

Screen Shot 2015-08-07 at 16.02.10

The art was pretty much the only good thing. It is really well drawn manga, with incredible kawaii characters. It would have been better in colour, like the TV show but it’s still pretty darn adorable. Shibainuko looks amazing in her sailor school uniform.

I was really confused with how you should read this. Since it’s a manga, I started to read it from right to left. But that’s not how the stories are arranged, or so I think because, even after finishing this title, I’m not sure. The titles are written from left to right and the strips seem to be arranged that way too. But the dialogue itself is supposed to be read from right to left! It made my brain hurt and it threw me even more off, since I had to re-read most the stories several times. I simply couldn’t understand them. A little note in the beginning would have been life saver.

I don’t think this is anything interesting. It’s always the same thing and honestly really boring. I struggled really hard to finish it. I don’t see any adults having interest in it. Although I do see children, specially really small, loving it. But maybe the TV show is more fitting for them. I don’t know, this did not impress me at all.

I’m really picky with the kind of mangas I read so I guess I should have been ready for a possible disappointment. Anyway, I’m still looking for the perfect ones for me! Do you have any manga recommendations you could give me? I sure need them!

Thank you for reading!



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