Books On TV #1

Hello guys!

We often hear of books being adapted to the big screen but it seems that we forget some tv series are also adaptations! Today I bring you a list of tv series, of past and present, that are inspired or adapted from books!


  • The 100, tv show airing on CW and books by Kass Morgan || Goodreads

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If you’re not watching The 100, pause the reading of this article (please don’t leave) and go find a place where you can watch it. I promise you you won’t regret that decision. To me, The 100 is the most underrated show airing right now. I discovered this series the way I find many things: through Tumblr. Once a week, my dash would fill up with gifs and photosets of the events of that day’s episode. After discovering what it was about, I had to hop on that train! It’s now one of my favourite series ever.

From what I’ve heard, the tv show and the books are now pretty much different works. The similarities between both start in the premisse. After a nuclear war, a selected amount of people from several countries were sent to live in space, in order to wait for the Earth to catch up from all the destruction. Ninety years later, one hundred teens are sent back to evaluate if Earth is viable again or not. I think the POVs from the book don’t match the main characters of the show, and the story isn’t going in the exact same direction. This information comes from some research online as I’ve not read the books yet. I 10/10 recommend the show though.

  • Game of Thrones, tv show airing in HBO and books by George R. R. Martin || Goodreads

Season_1_PosterScreen Shot 2015-08-13 at 14.35.37

If you haven’t heard about this show/books, you have to live under a rock or in someplace where they don’t have internet connection (if that’s the case, how are you reading this?). The world has been changed ever since the popularity of Game of Thrones and it’s considered one of the greatest things in pop culture right now. I’ve had my ups and downs with the show, considering that I’ve absolutely love it until this last season. Which disappointed me tremendously and completely changed my view on it. But that talk could last a whole post itself. The book series is still one of my favourites of all time and I cannot wait for book six (write faster Martin!!).

Both the show and the books tell the drama and aventure in Westeros and Essos, medieval-like “countries” where everyone only cares for one thing: the throne. Like The 100, Game of Thrones, specially in this last season, has finally started to diverge from the books and I guess those differences will start to appear more and more with the progression of the story. They’re almost like separate works right now, even though both the creators and the author have said that the end game of both books and show will be the same.

  • Outlander, tv show airing in Starz and books by Diana Gabaldon || Goodreads

outlander_starz outlander-book-series

This suggestion I haven’t seen or read myself but I’ve only heard good things. Besides being accurate to the time frame it’s set in and with beautiful Scotland as a background, Outlander is also a really feminist and girl-power kind of show. I’ve heard so many amazing things about the female protagonist, who is a total badass and takes zero shit from anyone. Just our favourite kind of girl, right? Plus, it’s said to be very sexual and violent, two things I always loved. I don’t really read/see historical fiction but I’ll definitely try to give this a go in a near future. Probably after the infinite amount of things I have to watch and read soon.

The story follows Claire, a combat nurse from 1945 who is magically transported back to 1743. There, she is obliged to marry Jaime and then falls in love with him while they run away from danger. Apparently, the show is really accurate with the books and that’s always a big thumbs up. Good adaptations make my world go round!

  • Hannibal, tv show airing on NBC and books by Thomas Harris || Goodreads

1395368076hannibal1 hannibal

I’ve been obsessed with real life serial killers since I can remember myself. When I heard about this tv show, I wanted to be on board with it but I had my fears. To me, the perfect Hannibal Lecter will always be Anthony Hopkins. After one season, I had to let this go. Even though it’s beautifully shot and an accurate adaptation of the books (since it follows the events of each one, even if not in order), I just wasn’t feeling it. I don’t have any valid reasons, other than I didn’t like it. I would recommend it either way. One of my secrets goals for this year is to read at least one of these books too! I hope the library has them because I’m poor.

Both series and tv show follow the most notorious cannibal of history, Professor Hannibal Lecter. As the perfect psychopath, he ends up working for the FBI and help “catching” other maniacs, while committing his own crimes and incriminating other people for them. As I’ve said, I think the show tries to follow the books as much as possible, even though it doesn’t follow the chronological order of said events.

  • Orange Is the New Black, tv show airing on Netflix and book by Piper Kerman || Goodreads

Orange-is-the-New-Black-season-1-Banner OrangeIsTheNewBlack-677x1024

The world has not been the same after the release of Orange Is the New Black, one of the biggest hits of Netflix’s originals! The representation and the reality and rawness of the portrait of both women and prison life has made the universe fall in love with it. It also has given us some of the best new female actresses so, win win. I’m in love with so many characters, my heart can’t even deal with it. And I’m not the only one, I guarantee you. I don’t think I know anyone who’s seen this and not enjoyed it a lot.

Piper Chapman is sentenced to a few months in a state prison because she transported money for her drug-dealing girlfriend, more than ten years ago. This show not only focus on her experience there and how she got inside but also does the same to a bunch of other characters, who would be regular secondary characters in other show like it. You see everyone’s background and why they are the way they are. That gives all the cast a full depth not very explored in tv. With each season, the show has distanced itself from Chapman and started to really concentrate in the other inmates and their stories, since that’s been what the audience most enjoys. The only similarities with the book is the main plot, this last one being a kind of memoir of a women who experienced the same as Chapman. From what I know, the plot stays with the book on season one and starts going on its own direction from that point on.

This post is not only a good compilation of good books and good shows but it’s also an alert that adaptations aren’t only present in cinema but are also taking over tv, slowly and without a lot of people noticing it. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this post because I have a lot of others to follow! Let me know if you’ve read any of this books or seen the show. Your opinions are always a pleasure to read 😀

See you soon!



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