1º Festival Literário de Ovar

Hello readers!

Last week I had the tremendous honour of attending the first Literary Festival of my city, Ovar.

Here are a few of my impressions of this first edition, plus some photos!


In Portugal, not a lot of money is spent on culture. I mean, we do appreciate our cultural entertainment but events like this, specially only focused on one thing, don’t tend to happen that much. And it’s even more rare for them to take place in such small cities. So, when I heard of this event, I was beyond excited! That grew even more when I checked the program and saw a variety of interesting people involved and fascinating topics of discussion.


Unfortunately, I don’t live that near the garden where this event took place. So, I was only able to attend two of the talks during the four whole days of the festival. The ones I choose were “To read or to write: which one is the loveliest?” and “Is literature a mean to release selfishness?”. There were a lot of other interesting topics in discussion but I had to make a choice and I went with these two.

In the first talk, “To read or to write: which one is the loveliest?”, the guests included a poet (José Anjos), a translator and young adult writer (Ana Saldanha) and a bookshop owner and children’s fiction writer (Adélia Carvalho). This whole discussion was so interesting that it will inspire a future post, here on the blog. As a natural reader and not so talented writer, I’ve always had this internal debate myself but I guess I’m biased in coming to a conclusion! Writing is such a good exercise to expel any kind of overwhelming (good or bad) feelings but reading is an absolutely magical experience. Anyway, I’ll talk more about that at another time!


In the second one I attended, “Is literature a mean to release selfishness?”, the guests were Filipa Leal (a poet) and Gonçalo Waddington (an actor and playwright). Again, what a wonderful discussion! In here, the guests, with a lot of humour and good mood, addressed topics like ego and the reasons why one creates. It was not only a pleasant and amusing talk but it also shed some light over poetry and playwriting in Portugal, things I really know nothing about.

Even though I’m sad I didn’t attend everything in the festival, this was a pretty good experience! I never had gone to an event of this kind but I now wish I did! It’s always fun because you learn about one of your favourite things and have a wonderful time! All in one place! How exciting is that?! Next year’s edition is already confirmed and I cannot wait to experience all of this again! People that love books really are the best! Here’s to many more!


I hope you liked to learn a bit more about the life of a bookworm here in Portugal!

See you next time,



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