ARC | Graphic Novel/Manga Review #22 – Edward Scissorhands Vol.2, by Kate Leth and Drew Rausch

Hello guys!

Here’s my review for the second volume of Edward Scissorhands, Vol.2: Whole Again, by Kate Leth and Drew Rausch.


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A few months ago, I picked the first volume of this series out of pure curiosity from Netgalley! You can read my review here. Since I quite enjoyed the first one, I saw no down points to reading this second instalment.

This story once again follows the character of Edward Scissorhands, created by Tim Burton when he was only a teenager and later transported to the big screen, becoming one of the most popular characters of the quirky gothic horror director. As you can understand from his name, Edward has scissor for hands. When he sees a make-over programe on TV, he wonders what it must be like to touch someone without hurting them and if he can become “normal”. Of course that things aren’t exactly what they seem!

Once again, you don’t need any kind of previous knowledge of the character to read this series. There’s a few references, but you can easily understand them without watching the original movie. Of course that you should read volume 1 though.

The message of this story is really beautiful and important for everyone: never change because others think you’re different. The concept of what’s “normal” is so subjective but there’s still this prejudice that all people should fit in the exact same box. When they don’t, they’re bullied and even pushed into depression, always pressured to change in order to finally fit those certain standards. That’s so unfair. How boring would the world be if we all looked and acted the same?! Particular humans make the world special and I will fight on that until I die. It’s good to see books give that message too, not only to change minds but to also give strength to others.

The art is yet again beautiful. It’s colorful yet creepy. The characters are inspired in the whole Tim Burton aesthetics but they’re also unique. I’m still very much in love with Rausch work!

This series isn’t the most exciting or thrilling one but it sure is entertaining. And a fun read! I need a bit of distraction from my life and this is definitely a good one. I will continue to read this series with a lot of enthusiasm!

Have you by any change read this title? Or the first one? Please let me know what you thought of them if the answer is yes!

Hopefully I’ll see you here next time! Have a good day.



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