Feira do Livro do Porto

Hello guys!

Last thursday I finally went to this year’s Porto Book Fair!

Here’s a bit of my experience.


I love going to all book fairs I can find! The mood is always amazing and there’s no better thing than being surrounded by books and people who love them!

The Porto Book Fair takes place in Jardins do Palácio de Cristal, where the public library is. They only very recently moved it there. Until then, it was usually in the downtown of the city, in a square surrounded by noise and traffic! I didn’t quite like that location so I’m glad they changed it. This new place is more lovely and calmer, even though a bit more far away.

Right when I entered the perimeter, I saw this beautiful moving library! I had no idea that Porto had such a thing! I didn’t enter it because it was super small and I would end up feeling embarrassed but I absolutely love the idea of a moving library!

I spent a little time searching for any good bargains I could find! What I love about this fair is that you can find pretty much any genre of book you can imagine. There’s stands of just religious books, textbooks, YA, fantasy, classics, editions older than me, smutty fiction and even books in other languages (and I’m not even speaking of english but rather of spanish, german or french)!

Every year I go in with a controlled budget! This year it was specially small because I’m trying really hard to save up money for Comic Con, in December. So, I had to turn my cheek the other way when I saw some really juicy prices. Although, I did leave the place with one book! There was this stand with TONS of classics. After a while of searching for the better titles, I end up choosing Orlando by Virgina Woolf, since the cover was really pretty! And I just spent 3,50€! I’ll show it to you in this month’s book haul!

Going to the Jardins do Palácio de Cristal is always lovely. The gardens are beautiful, so green and full of leaves and flowers! The weather was nice, it didn’t rain and it wasn’t too hot. What I could pass without is the terrifying peacocks running around! They’re so intimidating. I did see a female with her little chick strolling around, which was seriously the cutest.

Anyway, this is it for 2015 Porto Book Fair. Do you guys usually go to book fairs? If so, what do you like to look out for more?

I hope you have a wonderful day!



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