ARC | Book Review #51 – The Door That Led to Where, by Sally Gardner

Hello guys!

Here’s my review for The Door The Led to Where, by Sally Gardner.


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This book is, once again, from one of my favourite publishers, Hot Key Books. I’ve been lucky to get them to approve my requests for their titles on NetGalley. I truly appreciate their work and it’s always an honour! This book caught my attention again by the awesome marketing strategy of the publisher company. They flooded their social media accounts with pictures of keys and the premise sounded interesting enough!

Sally Gardner is an author with a good amount of work published! Her life story is quite interesting too. She’s dyslexic, having had a though time during school and only learning how to read and write at fourteen! And look at her now! She’s a successful author. What an inspirational story. Her book Tinder is also on my radar.

AJ failed most of his tests so his mother gets him a job at a law firm, in order for him to prove himself useful for once in his life. In there, he finds a key with his real name and the date of birth. While trying to find the door to that key, he finds himself in the past, more specifically in London, 1830. There, he finds the real mystery.

Right from the beginning I had a big problem with this book: the writing. I struggled so much to understand even the simplest thing, like that one person bumped into another! The words used and the way the characters talked were also very “british” (does that even make any sense?), so it was hard to understand things and it got so frustrating. I felt like stopping reading the book because I couldn’t deal with this problem properly. I hadn’t felt that discontent with a writing in a book in a long long time.

But I didn’t give up. Because the story and the overall plot were just too damn interesting. Even though it all unfolds kinda slowly, it’s a really entertaining story. The characters weren’t fascinating, at all, but I was captivated in understanding and knowing about where that door would take them. Mysteries aren’t really my thing but a dash of fantasy made everything more lovely.

All the descriptions of 19th century London were really cool! I never went to the city in this century but it was fun to picture it in that time! I also loved the constant references to Charles Dickens, whose work I really like! A little cameo would be perfect!

Anyway, I enjoyed this book. But I wanted to like it a lot more than I really did. It had so much potencial! I understand the author’s difficulties but I know she can only get better and better! Still, it made me curious enough to read all her other works.

If you’ve had the chance to give this a go, what did you think of it? Please let me know!

I hope you enjoyed this review! See you soon,



6 thoughts on “ARC | Book Review #51 – The Door That Led to Where, by Sally Gardner

  1. Great review!
    Yep, it is such a shame when the writing gets in the way of telling a great story. I have stumbled upon quite a few of those myself. You keep thinking there was potential for brilliancy.
    I think I will give it a pass but I enjoyed your review very much. 🙂


  2. I’ve just finished this book and am slightly confused by the ending and I was wondering if you could clear it up for me? It was just the last sort of paragraph that confused me, what do you believed happened?


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