Which is the loveliest: to read or to write?

Hey guys!

Inspired by the talk I listened to during the 1º Festival Literário de Ovar, here’s my thoughts on what is lovelier: to read or to write.

A bit about me first: I don’t remember which started first I know that I’ve always written and read. Both are very different activities to me but they’ve always been some of my favourites.

With my depression and anxiety problems, I found that I could only truly express myself through writing. I still have some of the notebooks I used to write in and, even though most of the things there make actually no sense, I know that they helped a lot at that particular moment. It was the easiest way to pour out my pain and negativity. I guess that was my therapy back then. None of what’ve written is very happy and jolly and honestly, not very good. With the years I figured that I have more tact for articles or anything where I can express my thoughts and believes. But I never felt like I was good either. I guess that’s why I started this blog and it definitely has worked.

But reading was always very special. That’s how I escape, how I visit other places and meet other people. It’s a magical experience, that still blows my mind. How can some selection of words printed on paper have such an impact on someone?! I’ve read pretty much every gender you can imagine. Of course that by now I figured which genders I like most (f.e. sci-fi and fantasy) and which ones I really don’t (f.e. harlequin romances) but I still find myself a pretty eclectic reader. Just give me a book and I’ll be happy. Even after I discovered films, I still prefer the thrill that each turn of a pages gives you.

So by now you probably have guess which one I find lovelier: it’s definitely to read. Maybe it’s because of the feelings I associate with each one of those things. Maybe it’s pure change. I don’t know. I love them both but I guess there’s always something you prefer. So this is a no brainer to me. I could seriously ramble about this for a while but I’ve thought about this subject since I heard other discuss this back in August and my conclusion has always been the same.

Anyway, how about you? What do you prefer? I’m actually really curious to know so please, do share with me!

I hope you liked this little ramble! See you soon,



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