ARC | Book Review #54 – All of the Above, by James Dawson

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Here’s my review for All of the Above, by James Dawson.


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I’ve heard so much of this british author. His book, This Book is Gay, seems to be a very important read. I wasn’t aware that he wrote fiction, though, and this isn’t his first fiction book. Say Her Name is of the terror genre and it sounds really interesting too. Although, before writing, Dawson taugh Sex Ed, which can be totally felt during this book. Thank you to the publisher for providing this title through NetGalley!

In this story, Toria moves into a new town and meets a peculiar group of people that become her new best friends.

This book covers pretty much every topic teenage people should read about. Those include sexuality, race, mental desires, parents, school, relationships, death, you name it. The problem is that it tries to touch on so many stuff, it doesn’t really deepen anything. At some point, it seems like a parade of topics. It makes the book kinda messy.

And that’s honestly the word I would use most to describe this book. It’s all over the place, not only with its themes but also with the story itself. A million stuff happens! Each and every turn of the plot could be a book itself.

The characters, on the other hand, were really diverse and different from each other. They all seemed like real people, which is always a good accomplishment in a book, at least to me. Although, I don’t think this was a bad book. I see the importance of the approach on all those topics, and the writing was actually pretty cool. Toria sounds and seems a lot like myself. And the author clearly knows how teenagers behave these days.

I just couldn’t bring myself to care for any of it. I didn’t felt empathy for any of the characters or the events in their lives at that point. Since a lot happens too, the book feels twice its size. I guess that’s why I kind struggle with this read. I give props to the author for leaving his comfort zone. It’s not easy to write YA and standout. He can definitely become better at this genre!

This book is an important altogether and it’s probably a good introduction to YA novels for someone not quite familiared with the genre. So that’s to who I would recommend this books.

Here’s my favourite quote:

You’re never truly by yourself when you have a book in your bag.

Have you read this? Please let me know what you thought of this!

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