Reaction to the Shadowhunters TV show first teasers and sneak peeks

Hello guys!

Here’s a couple of thoughts about the first footage of the Shadowhunters TV show.


On March 20 2015, the popular Classandra Clare series was officially picked up for TV, by ABC Family. The following months were full of cast announcement and first stills. But only this last week, with New York Comic Con, we were rewarded with real footage.

I really don’t care for this book series. The plot doesn’t appeal to me and there’s way too many books to read. Although I have no material to compare to, the movie was pretty terrible. Bad acting and terrible execution overall. There were aspects of the story that I didn’t like but I am receptive to the idea of a TV show. How worse can it be really?

The first footage surfaced in the beginning of the week. It was some leaked images, not with the best quality, of a teaser. Well, that clip didn’t go well with me. It had terrible FX and the acting shown wasn’t the best either. And don’t get me started on the editing and soundtrack! My excitement level dropped like a million points. The clip eventually surfaced with better quality and the official sticker but it still didn’t change my mind.

Then a second teaser was released and it again failed to impress me. The same problems stood out: bad effects, acting and camera work.

But that kind of changed when they release the oficial sneak peeks. These are full clips of the first episode. The touch from the network is not even disguised. This feels like a gothic/emo version of Once Upon A Time, and I don’t say this in the best way. The acting, specially from Katherine McNamara, is a bit ridiculous and over the top. Still, something there captivated me. I think it’s the whole atmosphere. The images don’t have the depth I tend to like, they look more soap opera-y, but the colors and the camera work are actually kind of cool. Maybe the editing works better in the real episodes than in the teasers.

So, after all these images, I’m still excited. Maybe a little less but I’ll definitely watch at least the first episode. I do hope this doesn’t turn into a hate watch.

How about you guys? Are you Cassandra Clare trash? Do you think this will be better than the movie?

See you next time!



2 thoughts on “Reaction to the Shadowhunters TV show first teasers and sneak peeks

  1. I’m sorry, but this looks absolutely ridiculous to me. I watched the teaser when it was released, and this thing looked like sort sort of SNL or Comedy Central spoof/parody. The acting, the effects, the tone, everything is off. I just watched the clips you posted, and they really don’t look good either. I’ll even say that in comparison, the movie looked pretty decent.
    I’m not a fan of the books to begin with (only read the first two) and yes, the movie was terrible, but I don’t know if it’s funny or sad that people actually believed that this show would be redemption from the movie, because so far, it looks just as bad.


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