ARC | Graphic Novel/Manga #25 – The Infinite Loop, by Pierrick Colinet and Elsa Charretier


Here’s my review for a very confusing graphic novel, The Infinite Loop by Pierrick Colinet and Elsa Charretier.


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I really like IDW and their titles so when I saw this beautiful cover on NetGalley, I didn’t hesitate in requesting it. I love sci-fi and I don’t read enough sci-fi comics! Time to change it.

In this book we follow Teddy, a girl whose job is to correct time anomalies in order to basically stop the world from imploding due to too many paradoxes. When she sees an human anomaly, she falls in love with her and they run away together, committing what is basically treason. So, the big question is asked “what will she risk for her true love”.

There is one thing in this graphic novel pops out right from page one: the art. The drawings are just breathtaking. I love the character design, especially from the females. They have somehow exaggerated features but they’re beautiful and attractive, without being tacky. The colours are sometimes unusual but they end up working out pretty well. The panels are shaped really peculiar most of the times too, which makes the read more interesting and upbeat. There’s a lot of naked bodies throughout this pages, something I really can’t complain about but it turns everything really awkward when you’re reading this in your computer.

But then everything good is lost with the story itself. It starts out pretty good. The world is interesting and explained correctly, in a way that doesn’t confuse the reader. But after Teddy runs away with the anomaly, everything becomes a mess. Different timelines of Teddy’s life become intertwined and you basically cannot understand anything that’s happening. It’s a big fat mess, there’s really no other word. The science stuff are spilled uncontrollably. At some point, I had absolutely no idea what the hell was going on. The art was pretty but that was it.

Even though I didn’t understand the story, I did get the message. Take a stand and be more proactive or whatever. It’s a good one. But if you don’t get the story, such a big part of the overall project, the good things kind of get lost in the way.

I was really disappointed with this book. It started out so promising! These are the ones that hurt the most, when you can see so much potential go to waste. Although, I can see how some people may like this. I only didn’t because I couldn’t understand the story. Maybe the error was on my part, maybe not. And maybe I should read it again. But with that said, I think I recommend this nevertheless, there’s definitely an audience for it.

Anyway, if you’ve read/heard of this, please let me know.

See you soon!



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