ARC | Graphic Novel/Manga Review #26 – Crystal Cadets, by Anne Toole and Katie O’Neill

Hello dear readers!

Here’s my review for a super lovely graphic novel I read a while ago. It’s called Crystal Cadets, by Anne Toole and Katie O’Neill.


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Once again, I saw a mention to crystals and immediately thought about Steven Universe. And once again, this had nothing to do with it but after a bit of researched, I found the art really cute and thought the story would be so too! So, I requested it on NetGalley and was lucky enough to be chosen!

Crystal Cadets starts with Zoe, an adopted girl who never seemed to fit in. When a group of new girls show up in school and start fighting monsters, Zoe finds out she’s a descendent of a group of guardians and becomes the newest member of the Crystal Cadets.

Since this is a middle grade book, I wasn’t expecting to find a complex story. It’s not particularly that but it isn’t something boring or childish. It’s target age appropriate but also interesting for adults with a kid’s heart, like myself. It had a good and perceptible message, like all children fiction should have. With this I don’t want to diminish the book in anyway, quite the contrary. It gives quite a depth to the whole thing.

There’s so many different ladies, with varied personalities, backgrounds and even races. They represent a lot of particular people, which is amazing in a book with this target audience. It’s so good to see more and more books that make an effort to include everyone! Representation ftw!

Right when I first opened this comic I was blown away by the art. It’s so colourful and cute! Throughout this read, I couldn’t stop and just stare at those beautiful drawings. The character design is gorgeous and the monsters and companions of the cadets are beautiful. It was quite a letdown that the last few pages of this ARC weren’t coloured. It really let you know how important they were.

Overall, this is a great book about growing up, becoming someone, loving friends and family and good vs. evil. It’s definitely a good read for kids or even older people, who are just now getting into comics or graphic novels. Honestly, it felt like a breeze of fresh air and a good change after all the super heroes/very serious reads. I would definitely recommend you guys check this out!

If you’ve read this, let me know!

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