Book Review #58 – The Bone Season, by Samantha Shannon

Hey guys!

Today I bring you my review for The Bone Season, by Samantha Shannon.

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As I mentioned in previous other posts, Samantha Shannon is coming to Comic Con Portugal 2015 so I knew I had to move up The Bone Season on my TBR. I’ve seen several articles claiming that she’s the best new British writer! That’s a hell of a compliment! So with those two reasons in mind, I finally read the first book in her (I think) seven book series!

In 2059, Page Mahoney is a dreamwalker, working in the underworld of Scion London. Here, some people have clairvoyant powers, although for those, breathing is itself a crime. One day, she is kidnapped and taken to Oxford, a secret city where another race of creatures, the Rephaim, have some secret plan for clairvoyant humans.

I really really liked this book. But I didn’t think I would be saying this because of the difficult time I had, in the first pages. It is so hard to adjust. There’s a lot of world building, like in any other fantasy book, but the terms and language in general, were really tough to understand, specially since I’m not a native speaker of english. Only after 100 pages I realised there was a glossary at the end of my edition, which was definitely a life-saver. After that, wow how much easy and enjoyable this book was! The terms and names are mostly taken from Hebrew, which is a language I had actually no previous knowledge or even contact. It’s really fun when books take you out of your comfort zone and actually make you learn something!

The world of Scion London is absolutely fascinating. It would suck to live there but it’s pretty damn good to read about. I specially loved the underground world and the whole organisation of the clairvoyant powers. There’s so many people with different sets of skills! It felt like a somewhat true reality, where people can be included in one thing but still be very distinct from each others. But one of my favourite things about this book were the mind battles. Since Page is a dreamwalker, she can exit her own mind and invade others! Everyone’s mind has a different aspect and levels. The descriptions of those parts were absolutely beautiful. And they feel so badass and cool!

The story has a good pace, having its slow and fast moments. Plot wise there weren’t any particular difficult points. There’s quite an amount of flashbacks, which I know some people didn’t really appreciate. In my case, I had no problem with them. They give a good insight about Paige and her past. It also made me want to know more about other Scion cities and even others that still aren’t converted to that system. The writing is beautiful and it completely transports the reader to those strange places. The only thing I didn’t really care for was the whole relationship between Paige and Warden. They don’t really have reasons to like each other. Also, once again what’s up with putting together 18/19 year old girls and ancient men from another race? It’s creepy and it’s something that needs to be stopped in YA fantasy, please.

I just wished, wished, wished that this book ended with some kind of cliffhanger. I’ve been addicted to cliffhanger endings in series so it felt so disappointed not to find one in this one. It didn’t left me that eager to read the next book, as it usually happens. But I’ve been told that the second book ends with a big one so I’m looking forward to it. And I’m going to read it soon, because I am curious to learn more about Paige and, specially, her clairvoyant master Jaxon Hall who, for some reason, everyone likes to picture as Benedict Cumberbatch (but I have to admit that the eccentricities of the character and the looks of the actor have their similarities).

In general, I really liked this book. It’s so well written and original. I’m even more looking forward to meeting the author and have my first ever signed book! December can’t come fast enough (Star Wars premieres in that month too, I’m freaking out)!

Anyway, what are your thoughts on it? Let me know! Also, this book is currently at 47% off on Book Depository and you can get it here.

Here’s my favourite quote:

You cannot kill death. What fire can scald the sun? Who can drown the ocean?

See you soon!



2 thoughts on “Book Review #58 – The Bone Season, by Samantha Shannon

  1. What you said about putting 18/19 year old girls with ancient men, I TOTALLY AGREE. It’s really starting to get creepy. x_x”
    Nice review, Cat! I’ll have to bump this up on my TBR 😀


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