Eleven Bookish Questions Tag

Hey guys!

I was tagged to do this several times, on Tumblr, but I thought it was more fitting to this blog! So here it is!


1. Book/series that got you into reading?

I remember reading a few portuguese books while I was still pretty young and loving them but what definitely got me hooked was The Inheritance Cycle, by Christopher Paolini. Specially Eragon! I remember clearly picking it up at the library near my house and just read it frantically. It’s still one of my favourite series ever.

2. A book you despised?

Despise is a strong word but if I really do have to choose one, I’ll say Ugly Love, by Colleen Hover. It was a real struggle to get to the end of it. It’s bad written and kind of problematic in many many ways. New Adult romances aren’t my thing, by far. I learned my lesson. You can read my review here.

3. A book you NEED to re-read?

I don’t really re-read books so I don’t know! There’s so many new books to read, I don’t really like “wasting” my time with books I’ve already read! But I guess I would love to re-read Eragon! Just to see if I love it as much now as I did when I was a child.

4. A book you want your mum/dad/guardian to read?

My dad doesn’t read and my mom only reads romances for adult ladies so I don’t really know what to recommend her! She likes Nicholas Spark, Nora Roberts and Sveva Casati Modignani so I guess I’ll give her any new book from those authors.

5. Favorite modern classic?

Is Of Mice and Men a modern classic? The concept of modern classic is kind of strange so I don’t know. But if so, I choose that one! It still blows my mind every time I think about it!! Everyone needs to read it. Review here.

6. A genre you don’t reach for?

I think of myself as a pretty diverse reader so I like to believe I pretty much pick anything! But the genre I tend to pick the least is Romance.

7. The book you want to pick up next?

I’m going choosing a book I don’t own yet. I’m picking Shadow and Bone, by Leigh Bardugo! This trilogy has been in my radar lately and it sounds amazing. I really want to read Bardugo’s work!

8. Two characters from different books who would go well together?

I don’t really know how to explain this but I think that Cath (Fangirl) and Lara Jean (To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before) would get along pretty well! I think they would be great friends and total cuties together!

9. Favorite book you read in school?

I didn’t read that many books for school but one I enjoyed was Baltasar and Blimunda, by José Saramago. We have to study it for Portuguese! I was actually the only one in class to finish it. Saramago is not a particularly easy author to read but I find the plot of this book really fascinating (even though my colleagues did not).

10. Have you read any translated books? If so, which ones?

Oh god let us not even go there. For about 13 years of my life, I only read translated books!

11. Any unknown books/series you want me to read?

Every Saramago book!!! I cannot recommend him enough. Everyone NEEDS to read his books!! Now!!! (Come talk to me if you’ve already read any of his work.)

Since this tag was originally for Tumblr, I’m not tagging anyone!

Sorry for the lack of posts lately. School has been crazy and it’s hard to keep up with everything! The amount of posts in the next few months may vary but I’ll try to still post at least every week! I hope you guys understand.

See you later!



2 thoughts on “Eleven Bookish Questions Tag

  1. I used to struggle with the notion of “modern classic” as well. And then I was told that everything published after World War I could be considered a modern classic. Hope that helps.


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