November Book Haul

Hey guys!

Here’s the last of my birthday gifs plus another book, aka my November book haul.


My beautiful friend Zoë got me another book for my Murakami collection. He’s one of my favourite authors ever and I was dying to get this beautiful edition!

This books follows a boy, a girl and a sheep man, while they’re stuck in a nightmarish library!

My friend Jes got me this book and the next! She said she wanted to get me a book she knew I wanted and another I wouldn’t pick for myself! This was her pick. She was right, I wouldn’t necessarily get it even though I’m really curious to read it now! Some of my friends really like the author.

This is a memoir from singer/song-writter Patti Smith, exploring her life in the sixties and seventies.

I wanted to read this in a while! I’ve heard so many good things about it! In one hand, it sounds like the typical fantasy book but it also seems to have a lot of innovative aspects.

The people in this book are divided in two groups: the Red and the Silver. Mare Barrow, a poor girl, finds out she has more power in her than her social status would predict.

I’ve seen this gigantic book around a lot and I’ve always been fascinated by its pretty colours and all the praise in the front. When the change of a giveaway for it appeared, I asked my boyfriend to try and win it for me! Good thing, he did!

In the same summer Nixon resigned, six teenagers meet at camp. Many, many years later, they meet again and a lot of things changed.

So yeah, these are the books I got in November! Have you read any of them? Are they any good (or bad)?

See you again soon,



7 thoughts on “November Book Haul

  1. Just Kids is a great book, I recommend it to everyone! I haven’t read the other three but they all sound interesting. Especially the Murakami one since I really love his writing.


  2. i didn’t much care for Red Queen but I hope you enjoy it! I had the Interestings sitting on my shelf for a year before I gave up and decided that I would probably never read it. So I sold it. XD


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