Comic Con 2015

Hey guys!

Comic Con Portugal was this past weekend and I had a ton of fun! Here are some of the highlights!


Comic Con Portugal first edition was only last year. Pop culture has had a pretty speedy growth in this country so it was the natural order of thing to get it started!

I was fortunate enough to get passes to do press work for our local newspaper! Even though the con lasted for three days (4, 5 and 6 of December) I could only attend the last two, on the weekend, due to college.

Before going in, I did a plan of all the events I wanted to attend. There were quite a fews interesting panels and guests! For Saturday, my plans included a panel about The Little Prince movie adaptation with the presence of the director, Mark Osborn, and the screenwriter Bob Persichetti, and one of the voice actors of the portuguese version, Paulo Pires. Right after that, it was the panel with australian actor John Noble, known for Fringe and his role in Lord of The Rings. My last plan for that day would be a talk and signing with british author Samantha Shannon, writer of The Bone Season! Sunday, I would pretty much just wander all day and then, near the end of the con, see a panel about The Good Dinosaur, with some of the portuguese voice actors.

When we got to the venue on Saturday, the general audience still hadn’t entered. So, we had the privilege to just wander around with the stores all pretty and full! I mentally took note of all the things I might be interested in buying! Also, there were so many Star Wars themed stuff! I never knew where to look first!

I won’t get into much detail about each panel (except Samantha Shannon’s) otherwise this would be a long ass post! I’ll just say that The Little Prince made me fall in love with animation cinema all over again. It was that lovely and enlightening. John Noble was pretty much the most lovely human I think I ever had the pleasure to share a room with! He was extra thoughtful and caring, his words so beautiful and funny. The Good Dinosaur gave me a good insight about how dubbing really works!

Ok, but let’s talk about Samantha Shannon. Firstly, the makeshift auditorium was pretty small, maybe with the capacity of 50 people? But it was full! There were even people sitting on the floor! Honestly, I didn’t knew there were going to be that many people there, but it made me really glad. And it made Shannon too! The moderator of the talk was really well prepared and entertained the author and us, the public. After a good conversation about the book and Shannon herself, there were some pretty good questions from the audience, which lead to debates about the definition of YA and how good it can be, about the concept of “strong female character” and how can be prejudicial to itself. After that lovely talk, it was autograph time! When my turn came, we talked about the colour purple and how terrible it is to have a series with different sized books! She only autographed my first book of the series, since I wanted to buy The Mime Order at the convention but it sold out. This is my first signed book ever! I mean, Shannon is the second author I met, ever. I’ll show you pictures of it later.


When I went in the con, my priorities were to buy as many graphic novels and books that I could. Unfortunately, when I got there, the stock and offer really wasn’t what I expected. Either there wasn’t anything that I wanted or it was too expensive. So I had to adjust my priorities. I decided to get a new Funko Pop! I choose Adipose, from Doctor Who, since it is the cutest thing in the universe. There was this cute kawaii store with tons of stationary and I bought some cute panda washi tape, for my christmas cards. I also got a The Shining pin, which is my favourite movie ever. Then I decided to just support local artists and I got tons of stickers and a print! Even though I didn’t buy anything I was really planing to, I’m really happy with what I got!


So this was my experience with Comic Con this year! I don’t really have complaints since I got in fast (because of my special passes) and I had a close seat in every panel I wanted. I know that’s not everyone’s experience though! I’m glad for it anyway! I needed some time off from school, since I wasn’t really handling with everything the right way. A good relaxed weekend then!

See you next time,



2 thoughts on “Comic Con 2015

  1. I’m glad you enjoyed it! I wish I had gone, but despite living in Portugal, I live really far away from Porto… But, who knows? :p
    Nice post! 😀


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