ARC | Graphic Novel/Manga Review #29 – Poet Anderson, by Tom DeLonge and Djet

Hey guys!

Today’s review is on a title from one of my teenage year’s idol! It’s Poet Anderson, by Tom DeLonge and Djet.


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I was a pretty pop-punk obsessed teen. I listened to every band of that genre you can think of. But one my ultimate loves were Blink-182. That band helped me going through my hard times and after they brooke up, I was pretty devastated. But they got came back together 2009 and I was lucky enough to see them live when they spotted by Portugal. It’s still one of the nights I hold the closest to my heart.

Tom DeLonge was the singer of Blink-182. This California native is also a member of Angels & Airwaves. He is a total misunderstood genius and he is also obsessed with science fiction. From there, it was born Poet Anderson, which is meant to be a multimedia project. It all started with a short animated film, made by a portuguese team (where one of my friends worked at!!). That project evolved into this graphic novel and a music album.

This book is a prequel to the film, showing Poet Anderson’s first encounter with the Dream World and how his powers came to place.

Knowing Tom DeLonge and evaluating the trailer for the short movie, I had pretty high hopes for this title. And I must say it didn’t disappoint me!

The story is well built, specially on top of a world that isn’t fully disclosured. The details are well presented and explained, so the reader knows exactly what everything means and what’s happening. The transactions between scenes or new events can be a bit sudden. And that’s the only down point I can think of: the story seems rushed at times. Everything happens so fast! I felt like I needed some space to simply take everything in and breath.

Since there was a lot of time spent in setting the world and the story, the characters didn’t get as much attention as it would be totally necessary. There were quite a few and we only know a bit about every one. Of course that Jonas (who becomes Poet Anderson) was the main point. But I think that Ayo, Alan Anderson’s girlfriend in the dream world, totally stole the show! I loved her. And the villain was actually scary af!

The art immediately caught my attention. It’s absolutely perfect. The character design is flawless and I’ve never seen such amazing description and use of light. They pop from the pages and I wish I had read this in paper, I bet everything looks even more beautiful.

At the end of this graphic novel, there’s a big interview with DeLonge, exploring the story and the world a bit more. Those pages are full of sketches and concept art for the short. It’s really interesting to see how both mediums work together!

Besides the rushed pace, I think this graphic novel is quite marvellous. The world is great and the art is mind blowing. I completely recommend it! I hope they release a paperback edition, I would totally buy it. Even though this hardback comes with a CD! It looks like a work worth owning.

So, are you guys fans of Blink-182 or Angel & Airwaves? Does this graphic novel sound interesting to you? Please let me know!

See you soon,



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